Sunrise at Timeshare!

Sunrise at Timeshare!

Workout Date:





Beaker, Viagra(Respect), Pikachu, Candy Cane, Kiwi(Respect)

The Thang:

AO: Timeshare
Time: 6:00-7:00
Weather: 33 Degrees but clear skies!

So after all the rain the past 2 weeks, I was ready to get to the beach for a sunrise.  Would you look at that… an opening at Timeshare for Saturday, I’m on it!  Friday night around 7:00pm, Text Pikachu… I know you like Timeshare, you interested in heading over there tomorrow?  Pikachu-Maybe.  Friday night around 10:00pm, Pikachu texted back…Me and Candy Cane are in and we’ll meet at the Lowe’s grocery store to clown car over.  Hey Awesome, glad to have some CF Pax go workout with me!👊 We arrive at AO around 8 til 6:00. With 2 minutes to spare, YHC says well I’m glad ya’ll came or I would be doing this workout solo, but wait then Viagra and Beaker come rolling in so let’s get this party started!

It’s cold so…

Traveling COP:
SSH x 20 (IC)

-> Mosey to McClean Park to the picnic benches beside the tennis courts.

10 TTT (IC)
10 WM’s (IC)
30 Step Ups, 30 Dips (OYO)

-> Mosey half way around the pond

10 LBAC’s (IC) Forward
10 LBAC’s (IC) Reverse
10 Seal Claps
10 Overhead Claps

->Mosey to parking lot behind Ducks

20 Hillbillie’s (IC)

->Mosey back to AO to get Blocks/Coupons

->With Coupons walk down Main Street to beach in between the Spanish Galleon and the OD Pavillion while doing Riffle Carry as much as you can.

Main Event:
15 Total Rounds (1 Timed Minute AMRAP/Round) of each exercise listed on the weinke sheet pictured below.  Core exercises were with or without block/coupon Pax choice.  After each round run to the stop light at Main Street then back out to the beach.

Note: Kiwi shows up on the beach somewhere around the 6th round, but hey the guy drove from Socastee so just glad he made the effort to make it at all!


->Count O’Rama(6)
->Name O’Rama

– Freed to Bleed (March 2nd) check slack for details!
– Catapult AOQ handoff from Pikachu to O’Doul’s this coming Thursday.
>GrowRuck Training Opportunity this coming Saturday 2/27/21 from 0400-0800 at Warthog.  Come see what it’s like to go through a mini ruck event, you may love it, you may hate it, but you want know unless you try it.  Loaner rucks are available!
->GrowRuck coming to Myrtle Beach 4/30-5/2/21!  Let’s get some more sign ups!

Prayer Requests:
-Direction for Kiwi’s son for after high school.
-John Poston

->Around 7:05 now so just carry blocks/coupons how ever you want back to the AO.

Honor to Lead!




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