Glad to be back!!

Glad to be back!!

Workout Date:





Skimmer (1 x R), Rubber, Single Shot, Crankbait, Rocky Top, Buffet, El Red Cardo, Vitamin D, Beefsteak, Quaker (1st F Q), Sunshine (Nan'tan)

The Thang:

Conditions: 80s with some SC humidity.

YHC/QIC was DR for a few weeks on business in the Big Apple and was glad to be back home to the much slower pace of Myrtle Beach! Humpback and I traded days, so a welcome back #weinke was quickly put together borrowing some circuits from beatdowns that YHC had experienced during his travels in other F3 regions and from other veteran Pax. 12 pax came out to start the work week out right at BombSquad and it went like this…

Welcome to F3, mission and disclaimer.

Warm Up:
IC 15 – 20 reps. of SSHs, TTTs, Wind Mills, Imperial Walkers and LBAC forwards & back.
OYO 22 Merkins.

Circuit 1: Modified Lt. Dans (courtesy of F3 Mint Hill, NC)

Pax moseyed to the CFCC football field. 1 Squat; 1 Lunge right leg and 1 Lunge left leg: and 1 Burpee. Then 2 Squats; 2 Lunges each leg: and 2 Burpees. All the way to 10; 10-10; and 10.

Circuit 2: 11s with Jump the Fence (courtesy of a veteran F3 GS Pax probably Handy).

Pax moseyed on over to the CFCC student center parking lot. 1 Big Boy Sit Up (w/ strict form – hands in back of head w/ fingers interlaced); jump the baseball outfield fence; 10 Merkins. Come back and jump back over fence to the starting point. Then 9 BBSUs; jump fence; 2 Merkins; and so on until 1 and 10 respectively.

Circuit 3: Modified DORA circuit (courtesy of the F3 Nation exercon).

Traditional DORA circuit, but slimmed down to 50 Merkins, 100 LBCs, and 150 Squats.

Circuit 4: Ring of Fire w/ Bearcrawls (courtesy of F3 Arlington, VA)

Circle up. 1 Pax Bearcrawled to another Pax whereby the pair would execute 2 Merkins simultaneously slapping hands at the top of the rep; Pax 1 would then Crawlbear back; and Pax 2 would Bearcrawl to new Pax executing the same Merkin combo. Remaining Pax held Plank until all did the Merkin combo.

With a few minutes left, YHC led a quick round of stretching exercises that is an essential part of good overall fitness.


Count-O-Rama 12
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken (Bobsled, Buffet’s dad, Crankbait’s brother, and Brown Bag’s injury) and unspoken.

Announcements: Check out F3 Grandstrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Plenty of 1st F, 2nd F and 3rd F opportunities and events throughout the region. 2.0 workout w/ Rubber and Skimmer on Q Tuesday nights 6:30 – 7:30 during the summer at CF Rec. Center soccer field; Re-launch of #JudeeChop this Saturday at WH 6am – 7am; and 7/27 Asheville Super Spartan w/ YHC on Q. Get plugged in, Q, then Q at another AO for experience…you get what you put into it!

NMMS: Great job this morning! YHC was glad to be back with his F3 brothers #gettingbetter!



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