Glowsticks, Headbands, and Fence Humpers at Bombsquad 8/8/18

Glowsticks, Headbands, and Fence Humpers at Bombsquad 8/8/18

Workout Date:





Rubber, Quaker, ElRedCardo, BrownBag Buffett, RedCoat, Beaker(QIC)

The Thang:

Today’s events were as always with the goal to do something new, do something stupid and do something fun.  Think we hit them all today.



SSH,  TTT, LBAC fwd, LBAC rev, split jacks

Start on corner lunge walk to parking lines area.
run the parking lines.
3-way Dora:

P1: 10 Upright Mike Tysons on fence in groups of 10 until 150 total are done. Basically looks like you are monkey on the side of the cage trying to break out

P2: Mountain climbers.

P3: Plankjacks.

Sprints: Assign headbands to split the teams evenly by PAX speed. 5-6 done
Ultimate Frisburpee: [4 glowsticks on the corners and redneck frisbee with LED taped to the underside for night action.]

Teams divided into those with white headbands and those with white kneebands given out during sprints.

Rule1: On turnover: Drop and do 5 burpees, next time do 4, then 3, then 2,then 1 until someone scores.  After score count resets to 5.

R2: No running with disc.

R3: No contact, hugging, grinding, etc.

Halftime: 25BBS OYO, 25 FLutters 4ct OYO, 25LBC
2nd half done on Time

YHC prayed us out.

Great time and lots of fun. 2nd half hardly felt like a workout!


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