Go Dawgs! Roll Tide Roll!

Go Dawgs! Roll Tide Roll!

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Vitamin D and Rousey


El Red Cardo, Flyover, Skidmark, Red Coat and Rubber

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Conditions: Mid 50s, damp, and rain in the forecast.

Today was a special day for college football fans and a lucky day for the Pax at BombSquad (BS)!  The SEC championship was being played at 1600 hours between two very good football teams (Georgia and Alabama). The SEC is arguably the toughest division with high quality of talent (NFL bound players & coaches) and fierce (sometimes bitter) competition among teams. YHC/Co-QIC being a huge Alabama fan and Vitamin-D/Co-QIC the same with Georgia wanted to bring the same intensity to the Pax this morning…and with 7 total #HIM on the field, it all went down like this:

Warm Up

IC 15-20 reps. of SSHs, TTTs, Windmills, and Arm Circles (Rousey)
OYO 15 Burpees and IC 15 Tempo Squats (Vit-D)


SEGMENT 1 – Georgia Bulldogs (Vit-D in his own words)

“YHC then threatened a mile run to leave Rousey in the dust!

But never leave a man behind! Modified to Alternating pallet pushes with the remaining Pax doing 10 Merkins and a dash to catch up.  We made it around church to the back parking lot to the coupon pile.  All Pax HR was sufficiently elevated to commence Georgia Dawgs Beatdown.

Time for Georgia 1,2,3

Split up into teams and complete

100 Manmakers

200 Thrusters

300 Coupon swings

Pax broke into sets as needed and then ran together to increase fellowship time.


Next up DAWGs

D  Derkins– find a space on the wall.  10 reps at 20 deg angle, 10 at 45 deg, then 10 at balls to the wall height if DAWG enough.

A  Alabama Ass Kickers– circle up and in downward DAWG position raise opposite arm and leg simultaneously lower and then other side! 15 reps IC

W  Wave Merkins– One Pax does 10 merkins then hold plank while remaining Pax complete Merkins around the circle

G  Groiners– Start in plank position then jump both feet to hands and back to plank.  15 reps IC

S Sprint– Jail break sprint back to shovel flag to meet Rousey who carried the pallet back to its home.


YHC then turned Q over to Rousey for the favorites (i.e. Alabama) portion of the beatdown!

SEGMENT 2 – Alabama Crimson Tide (Rousey)

AMRoundsAP the following circuit (25 reps of each exercise):

B Big Boy Sit Ups.

A Alternating Shoulder Taps

M Merkins

A Air Squats

! Kettle Bell Swings (40#)

QIC then had Pax circle up and do “superman’s” while singing the theme song to “Greatest American Hero” x2. This was a #crowdpleaser staple at F3 Mint Hill, NC where YHC had posted recently.  Millennials were confused; older Pax spot on!

As a Co-Q wrap up, Pax planked with each Co-Q calling out trivia questions regarding each football team. It went Ok until Pax stalled on answering “How do you pronounce Alabama’s QB’s last name?” His full name is Tua Tagovailoa.

Time! Pax were thoroughly worked out, could probably care less at this point about #GoDawgs & #RTR and were ready for coffeteria.

Count-O-Rama 7
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.
BOM by Vit-D.

Announcements: Check out F3 Grandstrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  45-day prayer challenge.  Christmas party evening of 12/15.  Operation Sweet Tooth on 12/17.  Ugly sweater regional convergence on 12/22 at BS.

NMMS 1: Honor to Co-Q with Vit-D and support BS!  #Mumblechatter was great! 4 at Coffeteria.

NMMS 2: Regardless of your like for football or these 2 teams (or the aforementioned cheesy Co-Q beatdown); check out the following link regarding the 2 QBs for Alabama and how their relationship to support each other and put team first made them better.  #IronSharpensIron!


Rousey & Vitamin D


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