Go in the strength you have…

Go in the strength you have…

Workout Date:





Horse-punch, Bone, Jenner, Sub-prime, Shamrock, Roddick, Hightower, Pre-nup and Leprechaun

The Thang:

AO: #Yorktown, F3 Arlington/The Patriot – F3 The Capital

Conditions: 80s, low humidity, pristine football field – prime for an end of workweek beatdown!

YHC travels took him once again to our nation’s capital.  YHC deliberated on posting since his right knee has been on IR (shutting down his running) and didn’t want to throw a major monkey wrench into the #weinke of the QICs for the week.  But, this is F3 where we post for the other guy, we leave no man behind, and we don’t have to be the best athlete to post or Q (we go in the strength we have).  So YHC HC and posted on Monday with Major P. (AOQ) continued on Wednesday with Hightower (and Lewis the log), and YHC picked up the Q for Friday!

YHC brought his trusty 5 gal. bucket #coupon #crowdpleaser (filled with 70lbs. of scaleable weight and no handle) to the AO.  Pax began arriving.  Bucket was carried to the field, placed in the middle of the COT, and a 1 minute warning was given.

Welcome to F3, mission, disclaimer and we started the ignition…

Warm Up:

IC 15 – 20 reps. of SSHs, TTTs, Windmills, and Imperial Walkers.

OYO 5 Burpees.

IC 25 reps. of LBACs forwards & back, cherry pickers; OYO 30 overhead presses.  No dropping the arms during this segment.  Arms burning (nod to my home AO #BombSquad and AOQ Quaker who torments us with this combo).



Circuit 1: Partner 1/P1 does 12 Burpees while partner 2/P2 planks; swap out until total number of Burpees is 72.

Circuit 2: (swap partners/SP): P1 does 1 min. 15 sec. Wall-Sit while P2 does Flutterkicks, swap out until total time of Wall-Sits is 7 min. 30 sec. (3 rounds ea.).

Circuit 3: (SP): P1 does 25 Scorpion dry-docks while P2 does Big Boy Sit Ups, swap out until total number of SDD is 150.


PAX divide into 3 groups, but in a single file line eventually shifting towards the bucket.

1 PAX: Carries bucket from endzone to 20 yard line, puts it down, picks it up and carries it back.  And then moves to end of group 3.

2 PAX: Does LBCs waiting on the bucket to return then proceeds to carry.  This Pax also calls out exercises for group 3.

Group 3/remaining PAX: shift down towards the LBC and bucket station as each Pax completes their carry.

The conveyor belt of Pax went around once.  QIC with time remaining challenged Pax for 1 more bucket carry with their choice of length.  Great job here men!  Next time we go to the 40.

Time!  Shirts wet.  Bucket indentations in Pax forearms.

Count-O-Rama 10
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

By F3 Arlington Pax.

NMMS: Honor to Q!  Your AO is awesome with plenty of variation — track/football field, adjacent park and hills!  The Pax a bunch of studs warmly welcoming this southern boy with a gimpy knee.  QIC spoke on Judges 6:14, how it related to this morning’s beatdown, and application to life — go in your strength believing God will compensate/augment/bless your efforts.



“Then the LORD turned to him and said, “Go with the strength you have, and rescue Israel from the Midianites. I am sending you!” Judges 6:14

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