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Bling, Rousey (AOQ), Early Bird (8 month Kotter), Pikachu (Day 2), O'Douls, Balloons (3 or so year Kotter), OneCall

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45.  Nice

In order to help out our newest AO and our AWESOME AOQ’s Flop and Rousey, YHC took a Q spot.  I waited a few weeks to kinda see how Flop and Rousey would run things and to get some ideas for this great AO that is getting more guys out in the gloom!

YHC has attended several #Catapult workouts with Flop and Rousey on Q and they have done a great great job.  I wanted to bring a little something different, but keep the idea going.

It was Bling’s turn to drive in our much envied, but never copied, carpool arrangement…but YHC was planning to use kettlebells in today’s #beatdown, so I would load them the night before.
Conversation yesterday dropping him off:
Bling: I got you tomorrow
OC: Bringing bells so I’ll put em in my car
Bling (still trying to take his carpool turn): How many of em?
OC: 8
Bling: Ugh [clearly thinking that was too many to transfer]
OC: Not sure how many people will be there!  Wanna have enough
Bling: Just grab me tomorrow.  Have a great day.  I will miss you until I see you again tomorrow [wipes tear from eye] #BromanceChampions

Or something like that

Anyhow, YHC has been both publicly and privately EH’ing/encouraging/embarrassing/what have you several people to come post.
Pikachu – FNG Tuesday.  Good friend from church.  On IR for his back for 5 years.  He has healed up enough to get out and loved Tuesday and will be a regular here!
Early Bird – a #RedwoodOriginal – June 13, 2015 – strong strong PAX with some back issues that have taken him out for 8 months.  He’s back!!  He just needs to get used to that early time again…didn’t seem a problem today as he was there before 0518 when we pulled in.  Excited to see him back.  Then Rousey came and starting harassing us by putting his lips on the car window like a blowfish.
Balloons – a buddy I have known for 20 years.  He’s an animal.  But had a heart attack at only 40.  #Survivor.  He posted 1 time for me back in 2016.  Went to his doctor next day – “DO NOT DO THAT KIND OF STUFF!”  But now, with Catapult, been on his butt and he posted and will work this into his gym routine!!
O’Douls – I am looking forward to getting to know him better, but he posted as a FNG at our 3 year anniversary, and then a couple more times, and then by his own admission, laid out.  So this is a great great way for him to get back with F3 and keep getting better!
Rousey – we all know his lame (and made up) excuses
Bling – He just likes to go where YHC goes

So, 1 minute warning
Disclaimer – I added – I know most of your injuries!!!  So I came up with stuff that hopefully won’t hurt you, but modify as needed and you assume the risk and all that!!

Stressing that form was important to not further injure anything, and to of course, do things at your ability or as your body allows
TTT x 15 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
Plank – really straight and nice – HOLDDDD IT.  BUTTS down!
Bird Dogs – I googled good boot camp exercises for guys with bad backs.  This one kept coming up, so we did it.  I liked it.
Supermans (we do these anyhow, but they came up on google too for bad back exercises) x 2 with a “count in my head” so you don’t know how long!
We did 1 at 60 seconds
1 at 45 seconds
Tempo Squat – really watch those backs and knees – nice and slow and deep tempo x 10 IC
Tempo Merkins – nice and slow tempo x 10 IC – YHC was VERY glad to see that merkins – WHEN DONE PROPERLY – are a good exercise even with a bad back

We were now going to make our way around the church to the KBs with various movement styles
[Flop did this and it’s a great idea and great way to move]
1st – from COP to around the corner
Giving guys choices
IW the whole way
IW with a squat
Walk 2 steps then squat

Plank up
LBC’s x 15 OYO
6″ hold for a while

Up – next movement – toy soldier to the sidewalk

Next movement – Slow and HIGH knees – really get that stretch in

Now that legs and glutes and hip flexors were feeling it, go around to curb – wanted to try calf raises as a group using man next to you for balance.  It worked and it didn’t.  Still not sure if it’s better as a group or individual.  I know I always fall off curb myself, so I wanted to try this

10 Tempo Sumo Squats
10 Tempo Wide Arm Merkins

Move to front of church – YOUR choice of the ways we moved before, or a combo of more than 1, or lunge walk given as option as well.

7 guys.  Partner up – I will be odd man out.  We are gonna use the bells
I brought the lighter weights as this was more about moving some weight and getting movements in than heavy weightlifting

We did the following, using the church building to steady backs against.  1) to protect backs.  2) to be sure there was no swaying/cheating form – which could also injure backs.  Again, some googling demonstrated these things, when done properly are good for all types of rehabbing and building up strength
P1 would do 10 reps.  P2 would low wall sit and watch.  Feel free to call out partner if their reps were terrible.  Then switch.
All YHC heard – in between Rousey’s incessant yapping – was POSITIVE ENCOURAGEMENT!  Love it!
Tricep Extensions
Shoulder press or hold straight out
1 arm row
High pull or shrug

We then rinse and repeated this, just changing option at PAX choice for more wall sits or climb on the pillars and do calf raises

Since this concrete was way nicer than the parking lot, YHC stayed here to stretch us out for 5 minutes.  We have talked about it some – a yoga Q.  Geno never reads BB’s so he won’t know this is in here, but he knows some yoga.   Headgear does too.  And Flop knows stretching.  Those 3 could put together a heck of a yoga/flexibility Q that rotates around the AO’s every other week or so.  Us older dudes need that!!!


Count-O-Rama – 7
Prayer requests for Jill’s family
Prayer requests for adventure racers this weekend
Prayer requests upspoken
BOM by YHC – Proverbs 27:17 – #ISI
Remember why we do what we do – we sharpen each other and ourselves as we start our days and energize ourselves as we go through our days to be better husbands, fathers, friends, brothers, workers, employers, etc.  We want to physically better ourselves so we can also better ourselves mentally and spiritually.

– Bling and Buffett have put together some #2ndF stuff – check it out in the #2ndF Slack Channel!!!
– Ground Zero Dragon Boat – April 27. Brown Bag on Q. Get with him. DEFEND our championship!!!!

– This is a great AO with a lot of options and an amazing way for F3GrandStrand to continue giving it away!!!
– Keep EH’ing Men. Nothing like sharing this GREAT BROTHERHOOD with others!



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