GoRuck Light training

GoRuck Light training

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OK- here we go.  Been planning this 4 hour training session for a while.  The Waverucker sessions when we include the Fia ladies have been fantastic- they are very eager/anxious to learn to prepare for our May event here in MB- but also very strong physically and mentally.  I knew they would be strong and ready for the challenge.  Our usual stud PAX took a hit with Valvano coming up sick this week and Hoser not feeling prepared.  Both please get better quickly!

Minus these 2 big boys I had to modify the weights and route.  Hoser was nice enough to drop off both the GoRuck flag and the 50 pound fire hose for us!  Drive into Forbus after making a couple stops along my route to make sure everything was in place.  Pulled in at 0350, coffee in hand.  Weather 68 and cloudy- might rain.

With all 13 in attendance in the lot, instructed all PAX to join me on the field by the flag.  Was informed by Lombardi he would have to leave at 0600- I wasn’t sure where we would be at that point!  All coupons present, all PAX ready- 0400 time hit.  here we go Kids.  Asked Chris Mac to lead us in prayer, thank you Bro.

Coupons- GoRuck flag, 80 pound bag, 60 pound bag, 60 pound bag, 50 pound fore hose, bag with 28 cans of soup, bucket with watermelon.

The crew knew ahead of time to line up in “Formation”. 2 ranks, rucks on the ground.  (I heard someone mention- “Lets line up by height”. Funny.). Place the 2 cans of soup in the duffel bag.  You have 2 minutes to get into rank alphabetically by last name- job well done.  We would use our real names throughout the event- it would behoove us to remember……

Went over a check list with everyone- show me weight, bladder, headlight, $20, identification, reflective straps.  Safety 1st- First Aid, crossing streets, watching out for each other- we would take care of where we go and what we do- as a team.  Take a battle-buddy.  Headlights on, pegged Matt Harris for our 1st Team Leader- gave him the details:

Movement #1- in formation, fast march around the lake, ending at Valor Park grass close to the Northeast fountain.  No time hac- lets work on our formation, staying together.  no coupons, just the flag.  Great start listening to the team talk (I took the flag and managed the quick pace) and get to know each others God-given names.  Could hear both Elissa and Heather behind me trying to remember not only names but placement!  “yeah, that’s Charlie, but who’s behind him?  I think his name is Chris.”  Great pace and formation, planted flag in grass and lined up, rucks off.

Went to the fountain- everyone dunk their shoes and sit on the ledge.  Time to go over shoes, whats comfortable, socks, etc.  Taking care of your feet during an event.  knowing that we will be wet, then walking miles with weight.  Great training, appreciate the tips from all.  Out of the water and to the street intersection.  Team mosey down to the Barnes & Noble storefront, U turn around and back to start point.  1 minute 50 seconds to complete- as a team.  (Gave Rousey and Hooker the option of walking 1/2 the route with their knee issues- both declined my pity).  Team completed in 1 minute 53 seconds- 3 seconds off.  Back to our rucks, penalty of 3 sets of overhead holds.  Nick took the lead in making sure no one wasted energy holding rucks while others weren’t ready- #worksmarter. Nice job

Gave the team an option to redeem themselves- either repeat the run (in 1:55 now), or do flutter kicks in the fountain.  Matt opted for the wet flutters!  I grabbed the flag and, in formation, notified Matt we would be heading to the playground.  Time for Robbie Miller!  Went over the 4 exercise rotation of 6 reps.  in pairs

  1.  assisted pull-ups
  2. burpee & squat
  3. Mountain Climbers (IC)
  4. ruck ups

We would do just 2 rounds, keeping together as best we could.  Had a quick rain shower come thru- but we still roll on!  Great push- lets get back to the AO.

Relieve Matt of TL- go over good and bad with team.  Nice work Matt keeping everyone in line and positive attitude.  Selected Paul as next TL- gave team a few minutes to rest/hydrate.

Brought the flag to the middle of the field and planted.  Team in a circle for their next team building exercise.  Rucks on front chest, on my command, pass around the circle- 2 to the right, 3 to the left, then 6 to the right.  Everyone should have someone else Ruck now.  take 5 steps backwards to make the circle larger.  Listen closely to the instructions.  “Turn around and run in any direction for 10 seconds or until I tell you to stop.  At that spot, drop your ruck and sprint back to the circle”.  Team did as instructed after taking too long to pass the rucks around!  Once they were back in the circle, the fun started.  Next direction- “You have 30 seconds to go find your OWN ruck and be back in the circle together as a team”.  This was hilarious watching the team ask each other “where is my ruck?  Who’s do you have??”  I saw Angela run one way, then turn and run another, laughing as she couldn’t find hers!    OK- everyone back together with their own ruck, lets try this again from the beginning.  Pass the rucks around the circle a couple times- repeat the instructions slower as to point out how to handle.  “Turn and run in ANY direction for 10 seconds”.  (Hoping they would pick out that any direction would be all together as a team.  If everyone runs in a circle, you will end up in the same position as you started).  Nick mentioned something close to this, and Paul pointed out to note where everyone is in the circle to get back exactly.  3rd time is a charm!  we finally made it!

Movement #2- All coupons must go with team- down to the beach at Springmaid.  32 minutes, time stops when flag is planted and coupons placed accordingly.  NO talking during the trek.  Coupons must be switched with hand signals/nodding.  TL did a fantastic job keeping the pace and team motivated.  (Matt left us at this point) I went over Baghdad facts about the battle (ahead of our GoRuck event) hoping the team would listen and remember for later…..  Movement completed in 30 minutes, 50 seconds- absolutely awesome (as I had made this a short hac in order to penalize the team with log PT- yes there is a log).  Rucks off (and anything that you dont want to get wet you can take off), down to the ocean, just as the sun is coming up!  Get in ankles deep (no, the sharks won’t eat you Chris) and face the beach- lined up shoulder to shoulder.

I did this in events in Charleston and Charlotte last summer with Cadre Dan- the US Civility test.  Its absolutely hilarious.  Go down the line and ask each PAX a question off the list of 100.  Get it right, stay standing, get it wrong, down to your knees in the water.  Get it wrong again from your knees, down on your belly in the water.  This was hilarious listening to all the answers (some were astonishing to me) and “guesses”.  Not to point out any individual answers, but I will……  Miguel doesn’t know ANY Indian tribes (the list was about 25 long), Hooker struggles generally with historical facts, and will never forget who wrote the Declaration of Independence again!  But best of all was our US Government employee Bradley.  When asked “when do we celebrate the birth of our nation?” he answered (nervously) July 7th, then July 1st!  We all laughed as he immediately fell down into the water in disgrace!  Too Good!  After running thru a few more, the team got on they stomachs and low crawled up to the flag.  on the way answering more questions- great job by all!

5 minutes to clean up, hydrate and get ready for the next movement.  Applause for Paul for his TL leadership- great work dude.

Grab Elissa as the next TL- give details for Movement #3.  Wanted this to be more difficult for the team to figure out- but our Fia rep is too smart.  My clue for the next location was “number of American soldiers killed in Baghdad minus the amount of Justices on the Supreme Court”.  (34-9=25).  she knew this in seconds.  Once at 25th Ave, you must find “Lauren” (this is a small convenience store).  18 minutes to get there.  Elissa led the group down the beach, asking me questions along the way.  Can I do this, do that??  Yes- all I told you was you needed to get there in 18 minutes.  So, she led the group off the beach to move faster (smart move young lady).  I was hoping they would struggle with finding the store, but just as they walked by (from the other side of the street), Angela noticed the store and yelled out “There’s Lauren!”  Flag planted and coupons laid down properly in 9 minutes 50 seconds.  these guys are moving fast with all the weight- SOLID!

circle up holding straps or rucks in between.  Name quiz of each member. Angela knew every name, so no penalty of lift rucks.  Nice work.  5 minutes to rest.  (even if I forgot Ryan’s name for a few seconds!). Great work Elissa as TL- please remember to speak up and take command of the team.  Grab Angela as TL.

Movement #4- Needed to go get the log off the beach (that we left there for Movement #3) and continue to the open field just west of the Children’s Museum.  28 minutes to complete hac.  Yet another awesome job done here towards the end of the event.  Angela did a great job with motivation- and also had the team organized and rested when we reached the log- knowing that this would be tough moving.  I offered to assist with weights as well- dang that log is heavy!  Team made this time hac again as we reached the field in 22 minutes- great work.  circled up again as a team- grabbed the watermelon (yes, we had a watermelon with us the whole time) and covered with baby oil to slick it up!  Team would pass the watermelon around the circle as fast as possible while I went over the Baghdad facts for the last time- we need to know these for our event!

We were running short on time and needed to get back to the AO for 0800.  Knowing we had that log, I opted to drop this off at the Warthog plane to pick up later.  Angela pushed us hard as we finally made it back to the AO at 0810- 10 minutes off my mark!

All coupons down in the lot- took a few great pics of the finish, got everyone in formation.  Went over a few great points from everyone, compliments and tips to improve.  Everyone did fantastic.  And, as any GoRuck event, completing means getting a patch……so, I had patches made for everyone.  This was a surprise as I had both a “GoRuck Training” patch made for everyone- and also a Waverucker patch made for our F3 PAX that get together every Wednesday to push each other!

Loved putting this together for everyone, and more importantly, loved the effort, the team family, and the respect we all had for each other.  Awesome job to literally watch you guys come together in the 4 hours.



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