GR22 Training at #EM

GR22 Training at #EM

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Oreos (FNG - Nick), Cotton Candy, Bling, Fergie, Sade', Boxcar, Myspace, Tiny Dancer, Lombardi ("Pre-spect"), OneCall (TRUEbadour), Scorpio (2.0), EARLY BIRD, Castaway (VL AOQ), Spork (BS AOQ), Hoser (WR AOQ), Valvano (EM AOQ), Quaker (1xR; 1st F Q) and Headgear (Weasel Shaker)

The Thang:

Conditions: Upper 40s, slightly misty and gloomy!

YHC/QIC’s turn at the helm of #Elevation Monday (EM) this morning!  YHC wanting to get back in the traditional gloom with the brothers and re-establish a regimen of ruck training for the 21-GrowRuck-SC number 22 (GR22) jumped on the Q sheet for today’s EM.  To train “under weight” w/ elevation (no hills here at MBSC), which is a critical part of being successful in a GR event, EM is the AO for you!  It is an arse kicker (at least for YHC)!

This morning’s WOD would be devoid of YHC’s normal ruck circuit (Bear w/ Me…checked that box on Saturday) to change things up and spend the lion’s share rucking the stadium stairs (w/ sandbag if desired) with a few rounds of traditional GR core work.  To YHC’s delight a mass of Pax (18 strong) also showed up ready to get at it (old farts like YHC, young guys, newbies and veterans — a great cross section!).

One minute warning, welcome to F3, disclaimer, training tips, and we got after it…

WARM-UP: 15 – 20 reps. IC of SSH, TTT, IW, and LBAC F&B.

SEGMENT 1: Get up them steps!  Pax rucked up (and down) the 4 sets of stairs in stadium with the choice of adding their sandbag to the climb.  Done.  It sucked.  Do it again.

SEGMENT 2: GR Core work.  After a few 10 counts, Pax circled up on the football field and QIC led them through 1 round of IC 25 4-ct. Flutter Kicks w/ overhead ruck hold and 1 round of OYO 25 BBSUs using ruck to hold feet to the ground.

SEGMENT 3: Get up them steps!  Done.  One more time.

SEGMENT 4: GR Core work.  QIC had Bling lead the Pax in another round of said Flutterkicks.  YHC then had Valvano lead another round of a signature GR Core exercise; he chose 15 4-ct. American Hammers (w/ ruck).

SEGMENT 5: (5:36) Can we squeeze in one more round (just a single) of the stair climb??  Yes, with quads, calves and hammies burning, all Pax completed it!

Drop the rucks and bags (gladly).  YHC lead the Pax through an 8 minute stretch and cool down.  Time!

COR – 19
NOR — our FNG (who reportedly turned 18 today was henceforth named Oreos…his favorite food to eat after weigh in per his wrestling coach Cotton Candy!).
Praise report/Prayer requests: Headgear’s cousin who recently had a stroke and unspoken.
MBOM by Lombardi

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  #Freedtobleed, #P200, GR22.  Re: GR22, OneCall and Valvano have meticulously planned out a 2-hour GR22 training event this Saturday at #Warthog (0500 to 0700) then we will join in with rest of the bootcampers for the 0700 – 0800 beatdown.  This will be a golden opportunity to see how you would stack in a GR event!  Sign up…we will suffer and get better together!!

NMMS 1: Awesome push this morning!  Very doubtful YHC could have done that many rounds OYO…that’s why we push each other #accelerating together!  If you are not going to GR22, I’d still sprinkle EM in when planning your monthly schedule to improve your #King.  If you are coming to GR22, YHC urges you to swap out a normal bootcamp and do an EM or Wave Rucker once per week to prepare you for the rigors of the event.

NMMS 2: The stair climb smoked everyone…as it should…and is the #crowdpleaser of the morning.  But…dang those ruck 4-count American Hammers…that was rough on this old guy.

NMMS 3: Hearty Happy Birthday to Headgear (42) from the F3 GS brothers!  You are one of the hardest working #HIM in the region!!



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