GR#22 Training Continues at the #SafeHouse

GR#22 Training Continues at the #SafeHouse

Workout Date:





2% and Infinity (F3 the Capital), and WallE (F3 Princeton)

The Thang:

Conditions: It appeared very pleasant outside!  This is a virtual AO (VAOs) tho and YHC / QIC works out in a cramped spare bedroom and the other Pax have their choice spots too.

If you have been following the #SafeHouse” (SH) and the other VAOs, the concept was borne out of providing a quality alternative in relationship to CV-19 for Pax quarantining, playing it safe, on travel, or on their way to #fartsacking but DRPd last second. Now, we and several other VAOs have a consistent crew of #HIM showing up to #getbetter in spite of the virus!

YHC / QIC is in full training mode for the GrowRuck SC #22 and has spent past Wednesdays at our F3 GS rucking AO (WaveRucker) getting ready.  YHC is nervous, but excited as it’s a rare opportunity to get better in all Fs.  However, one area has been especially challenging and it was divine design by the SkyQ that YHC had the #SH Q this morning as it allowed me to work said area that I’ll elaborate on below in the NMMS.

Enough yakety yak…logged on to Zoom and 3 more faces appeared.  Usual crew of studs — WallE, 2%, and Infinity – and a just right mix as YHC knew he was going to need the push this morning.  Good mornings, welcome to F3, explanation of this morning’s WOD with a level “up” modifier (that I’ll elaborate on in the NMMS), demonstration of an exercise we’d be doing (i.e. 321 Manmaker), welcome to F3, abbreviated disclaimer and we got after it!

Warm Up: YHC told the Pax to use round 1 of the HIIT circuit to warm up and to ramp it up at end of that round and definitely go as hard as possible on the subsequent ones.


  1. A circuit of 6 exercises, AMRAP in one-minute w/ 20 seconds of rest-transition, a goal of 5 rounds.
  2. Different Exercises for rounds 1 & 3 and 2 & 4.  Round 5 would be a Pax choice round w/ same work and rest time intervals.
  3. During some of the exercises, QIC told Pax they could modify with a different coupon – ex. Instead of a KB Swing, do a Ruck Swing… instead of Burpee, do a Ruck Burpee.  The goal was to allow Pax (especially those with GORUCK 2021 events on the horizon) to PT w/ their gear (if they had it).
  4. Exercises:
    1. Merkins or Ruck Merkins    KB or Ruck Swing
    2. Good form LBCs    “”
    3. Weighted or Ruck Squats   Deadlifts
    4. 321 Manmakers   Burpees or Ruck Burpees
    5. Flutterkicks (FKs) w/ #coupon hold overhead    “” *plus the optional modifier “up” YHC will elaborate on in the NMMS.
    6. Triple Crush   Supermans

Apx. 41 mins. of non-stop HIIT!

We then transitioned into a VCOT/cool down…

COR – 4
Praise report/Prayer requests: spoken and unspoken.  Scripture of the day: Phil. 4:7.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  2% on Q next time (4/14)!

NMMS 1: Strong work this morning!  Loving the camaraderie, resiliency, and friendships being formed as a silver lining to CV-19 that wouldn’t have happened otherwise!  This morning YHC needed the Pax probably more so than the Pax needed the Q.

NMMS 2: Ok – confession time.  Adult content.  YHC occasionally struggles with claustrophobia.  Growing up YHC never had any phobias except clowns (kidding) and it was hard for me to relate to those who did struggle with phobias perhaps even profiling them as weak.  Fast forward to 2013 – 2014 and YHC decides to train in Judo.  Heavy gi, getting thrown, opponent on top (usually a big dude), hot, minimal breathing opportunities and voila claustrophobia panic attack sets it.  WTF is this?!  Research, embarrassment, and still training but having to tell my mat partner that I might wig out (some get it and some don’t) – hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Very few claustrophobic grapplers, but they are out there.  Fast forward to 2021 and training for GR22…and while not as bad, the excitement, nerves and occasional tight quarters (add in a trick knee) has triggered some attacks – you got to be F’n kidding me…really…now?!  This time tho, I resolve to learn hard on the Pax, listen to F3’s Mental Battle (a HUGE source of freedom), name it, but resolve to press on – excruciating baby steps at times.  In fact, GORUCK’s challenge this month is to do something where there is 50% of failure and then chip away it – they have an “oracle” on staff?  Well, this morning the said modifier “up” for the weighted FKs was a wet towel over my head (eyes, nose and mouth) often coming off of a preceding cardio intense exercise.  This is to simulate doing the FKs in the surf if required.  It sucked.  But, other Pax (like Infinity did it) and it pushed me to go further (I couldn’t do it the entire minute, but did 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off).  Brothers I can’t do this alone, so thank you for the support and push.  “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find them.”  YHC is hoping that someone reading this who is being held back by their mind and there is a legit “stronghold” that seems too hard to bring down to “shieldlock” with their fellow Pax, get right with the SkyQ, take intentional steps to get better, knowing there are others in the same battle, and reach towards freedom even if everyone seems to be well ahead of you (U v U)

Honor to lead!



Philippians 4:7, NIV: “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

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