Grand Opening of The Crucible

Grand Opening of The Crucible

Workout Date:





Postal, Barney, Sitework, Straplock, Goldberg, Hoedown, Switch foot, Faceplant, Grass Patch, Peach, SuperDave, Etch-a-Sketch, Pop-Tart(2.0), Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions: Cold but dry, 29ish

4:35am-Kettlebells were unloaded and placed near the new workout location.
4:40am-Etch-a-Sketch, Peach and YHC took off for pre-run. We went out past Collins Park and then looped around downtown Conway a couple times and finished with 4.22 miles.
5:00am-5:15am- several other runners were spotted.
5:15am-Run group took off. Etch, Peach and YHC decided to finish the organization of the KBs and make sure everything was ready.
5:30am-Demonstration of KB swing, a couple of instructions and a few warnings about kettlebells were given by YHC

Given that we were only going to have 30 minutes dedicated to our KBs in the new AO I thought that I would speed up the pace a bit and placed all the KBs and DBs in a circle with the battle rope in the middle. We would not be doing our normal workout in which a 5-10 second rest was given between each set, during this workout there was not going to be a single rest for the entire 30 minutes. We would continuously rotate around the circle and change the exercise on my call. The intentions of this was to maintain an elevated heart rate for the entire session. Each round would consist of hitting about 6-8 KBs/DBs and working the battle rope in also when you made it all the way around. It went something like this.
Round one: Kettle Bell swings all the way around and battle rope
Round two: Bent over rows and battle rope
Round three: shoulder presses and battle rope
Round four: Biceps and triceps alternating as well as battle rope
Round five: Dead lifts and battle rope
Round five: Good mornings and battle rope
Round six: Bent over rows alternating with Goblet squats and battle rope
14 pax prayed out together.

For a while we had talked in Conway about the conflicting workouts on Fridays. We have several guys that like to run and also like to do kettlebells but because of them being on the same day of the week pax were forced to pick. Several ideas were circling on how to make this issue fade away and allow guys to take part in both as they are both great workouts that everyone should be attending. Thus hhe plan was put in place to combine these two workouts into a single workout. In true Goldberg style he hyped the event very well and we had a great turn out from both Southern Bells and Hoff pax due to his crafty hype skills. Given that this is to be a new AO we felt it needed a new AOQ and Peach has claimed ownership over this AO. Rightfully so as he is a beast when pounding pavement and a monster when tossing bells around. I’m sure he is going to bring an absurd amount of pain and suffering to next week’s beat down and I certainly think that you wont want to miss it. All in all everyone seemed to enjoy the new AO and how it played out and I think everyone got a little faster and a little stronger. Especially Goldberg, he left with the most sculpted and chiseled jaw line I have ever seen! HAHAHA Im just being serious……..

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