Great Cross Ruck Friday

Great Cross Ruck Friday

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Lombardi, Hoser, Rousey (respect), Kiwi (respect), Early Bird, Bubbles, Headgear, Bling.

The Thang:

We got together in 2019 and did a Cross ruck that was fantastic.  Wanted to do something similar this year as we missed 2020!  Got the cross from Valvano before he left for vacation (in 2 parts!).  took Thursday to put the cross together (best I could!) and get a plan together for this important day.  Ran thru a few options with Lombardi, asked him to remind us of the importance of the day during the ruck.

weather- 38 and cold- I’m sick of this!!  All PAX accounted for that HC’d at Doug Shaw, gave a solid disclaimer. (for me) and gave the basic gist of the morning.  Carry cross as we ruck to ocean BLVD, go up and down the BLVD for a couple blocks, then to the beach, then back to DS- to form a cross shape.  2 man carry the cross- the 8 of us was perfect for teaming up.

beforehand- I wanted to read a sermon I found online.  From Interupting The Silence, the sermon was called “Life in the Shadow of the Cross”  Took about 5 minutes to read (will attach in Slack) and then we started our trek.  Rucked down 33rd, crossed Oak St and 17 (safely!) and down to Ocean BVLD.  Made our way up and down a few blocks- and down the beach access on 34th- past WMPF news and onto the beach.  We think Lombardi set this up!!

Got some great pics of the impending sunrise and an even better lesson/sermon from Lombardi.  Appreciate the words of wisdom brother based off of verses Romans 5:8 and John 3:16.  thank you!

Secured the cross and made our way back to DS for 0655- perfect timing.  Our Nantaan Brown Bag running over to meet us in the lot after Q’ing Oyster- great to have you at the COT!  Went around the group giving praises in our lives – closed out in prayer.

Appreciate the brothers coming out this am for this special event.  Love you guys.


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