Great launch at the men’s shelter!

Great launch at the men’s shelter!

Workout Date:





Rubber, Sapling (Eric, FNG, Respect!), Podcast, High Interest, Dream Catcher (Robert, FNG), Skid mark, Reborn, Studebaker, Big Love, Flop, Papa Smurf (Respect!), Whisper (Kenneth, FNG), Barkley (Respect!), Shark Tooth (Daniel, FNG, Respect!), Franklin, Big Heart (Earl, FNG, Respect!), Buffett, Short Pint (George, FNG, Respect!), One Call, Survivor (Terrance, FNG, Respect!), Hot Wheels (Craig, FNG, Respect!), Kitten, and un-named FNG who had to leave early for work!

The Thang:

It was cooler than I expected when I arrived at the New Directions men’s shelter around 7 a.m. for the launch of this new missional a.o. PAX kept streaming into the parking lot. The only question was whether men from the shelter would show on this beautiful morning for a first workout. At 7:31, several men made their way out, and we got started.

Disclaimer was given at 7:31. Big emphasis on modifying! There were people with back problems, one in a wheelchair, and one who’d had open heart surgery 3 months ago! A big shout out to all the PAX for picking up the 6, suggesting modifications, and encouraging these new brothers!


20 ssh ic

20 ttt ic

20 iw ic

20 hillbillies ic

20 arm circles ic (forward and reverse)

(Shared mission of F3)

20 overhead claps ic

(Shared 5 core principles of F3 workouts)

20 overhead presses ic

(Explained the three f’s of F3: fitness, fellowship, faith)

20 lbc ic

20 flutter kicks ic

20 mc ic

10 merkins ic

The Thang:

Dora: 100 merkins, 150 lbc, 200 squats

Switch partners

Dora: 100 dips, 150 American hammers, 200 step-ups (or as many as possible before time was called at 8:15).

Awesome showing with 23 PAX, including 9 fngs!

Announcements: Fellowship for this ao is especially crucial. Dinner on Mondays at 7 at the shelter is a great way to get to know these guys. Those relationships that have already started forming did a lot to convince some of the fngs to post this first time. Let’s keep it up!


Shark Tooth asked for prayers for the men at the shelter and for jobs. High Interest’s great aunt passed away this past Friday. Continued prayers for Brown bag’s sister-in-law, Michelle. Prayers to all who knew the teenager who died in a car accident recently in Carolina Forest. Praises for Pert Plus’ adoption!

A HUGE thank you to the 23 men who posted for this first workout and for encouraging each other along the way! Let’s keep it up and help build relationships with these new brothers!

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