Great Numbers at Catapult!

Great Numbers at Catapult!

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Pikachu, Rousey (AOQ), Boxcar, Sawdust, Rocky Top, Single Barrel, Flop (AOQ), FNG - Rhett (Candycane), TR (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions: 53 deg and clear

I haven’t posted, let alone Q’d, at Catapult much since taking over as AOQ at the Village since they both overlap. But since things are running relatively smoothly at the Village, I decided it was a good opportunity to workout with the great group of guys over at Catapult. I wasn’t really sure what kind of numbers we would get, now that O’Doul’s has taken over at BombSquad, I figured he was probably out. So I checked Slack and sure enough already had 2 HCs from the AOQs themselves in Rousey and Flop! Pikachu is Mr. Dependable, so I knew he would be there, and then I remembered that he texted me earlier in the week to let me know that he would probably have a FNG from work, now we are talking!

Showed up to the AO, Rousey wasn’t too far behind, but honestly I could hear him 3 miles away bumping some of that #IrishRave music that Backdraft likes to listen to from his son’s two 12″ sub woofers in the car. An unknown car quickly followed Rousey in, this was our FNG Rhett, probably trying to figure out if he was in the right spot… I could see how it might’ve looked questionable with Rousey’s bass drumming in a dark church parking lot at 5am, but he didn’t leave (doors might’ve been locked though). Then the cars just kept coming, first it was Boxcar (who must’ve overslept the village??), and then Single Barrel, Sawdust, and Flop… gave the one min warning and then Rocky Top’s car came in hot!

All in all, we were up to 9 #PAX! Very solid!

Disclaimer given


20 SSH IC, 15 LBAC (Forward) IC, 16 LBAC (Reverse) IC, 20 TTT IC, 15 Windmills IC, 20 IW IC, 15 Air Press in Squat position

Mosey to the Big Lot and trace the lines

Mosey to the bleachers

Elevens: Dips and Step Ups

Mosey to the block pile, everybody gets a block

Overhead carry/mosey to the cross

Since Boxcar is here, lets do some Rocky Balboas with or without the block. This is where Rousey informed us that he doesn’t count, he just relies on the guy next to him to count for him. Well lucky for him, I was right next to him… I called out for 40 total, but once Rousey said that… I just kept going… no idea how many we did, I was just waiting to see if he would notice!

Circle up around the cross:

20 x Split leg Bulgarian squats (10 each side)

Wave derkins – Hold plank and take turns doing one decline merkin going around the circle (6 rounds I think)

Mosey to the Big Lot

DORA 123: 

100 – OH Press/bear crawl: Partner 1 presses while partner 2 bear crawls across the lot and back

200 – SSH/mosey

300 – LBC/Mosey (changed to 250 since we were running short on time and still had a FNG to name)

Mosey to the block pile to drop off the blocks and back to the flag

Couple of stretches to finish out the workout



Count-O-Rama: 9

Name-O-Rama: named our FNG “Candycane” since he is a surveyor that holds a red/white cane all day

Announcements: F3 Nation 10 year Anniversary, get with Headgear/Lombardi/Brownbag if you have any great ideas to help bolster our application

Prayer requests: Unspoken

BOM by Rousey

Moleskin: Strong work by everybody, great to see guys that I hadn’t seen in a while as well meet some new guys. If you havent been out to Catapult, give it a go! Its a great place to bring that nervous FNG that you’ve been trying to EH as it’s a great introduction to what F3 is all about!

Always an honor!

– Texas Ranger

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