#Grow200 Training

#Grow200 Training

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Castaway (AOQ), Hot Tub (Respect), Brown Bag (Respect), Sade', Tiny Dancer, Crankbait, War Eagle, Texas Ranger (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Village

Conditions: High 30s and clear

The Village is host to a variety of beasts. We have guys training for the upcoming Grow Ruck, we have guys training for the P200 and some other events and yet they all come through the Village to push each other to accelerate. Thinking about something to challenge both the rucking group and the runners is always a fun challenge. I was racking my brain all afternoon the day before trying to think of ways to challenge and help both groups, when it just hit me to just do both things. The nugget of the idea was there, but the details were far from fleshed out.

How many guys would show? How far could we go? Where could we go? How many rucks will we have? How can I challenge everybody to always be doing something?

I rolled into the Village to see Tiny Dancer and Castaway already getting after it with their Pre-Ruck. I caught them before they put their rucks into their vehicles and told them to just take them over by the flag because we were going to use them today. Both looked at me a little confused, but happily obliged. Brown Bag was the next PAX to roll up with the tunes jamming as always, he was quickly followed in by Hot Tub, Sade, and Crankbait. 7 PAX… not quite the even number that I was hoping for, but we could make do as I had an idea in case we had odd numbers.

1 minute warning



10 Merkins OYO (Right as War Eagle showed up with the flag to give us an even 8 PAX. Perfect!)


10 Merkins OYO


15 Windmills IC

10 Merkins OYO

15 IW IC

2 laps around the parking lot, grab two coupons from the pile, mosey to the flag


Laid out the plan for today, since we had guys training for the P200 (Sade) and the Grow Ruck (TD, Castaway, Sade) that I would help everybody with TR’s #Grow200 training. We would split into two groups of 4. First group (Brown Bag, Hot Tub, Crankbait, Texas Ranger) would run approx. 200m ahead and turn around to meet the second group. Group 2 (War Eagle, Sade, Tiny Dancer, Castaway) would take the two rucks and the two coupons and ruck until they met up with Group 1. Every time the groups met up, rucks/coupons down and everybody does 15 burpees. The goal was to get to 200 burpees. Then flip flop. First group takes the rucks/coupons and second group runs ahead and back.

Simple enough plan that everybody got on board with pretty quickly. We headed out towards the YMCA and made it to Claire Chapin Epps Dr. before having to turn around for time. 

All in all, everybody got in 2+ miles and 150 burpees. We could’ve gotten in more, but Tiny Dancer led us astray and cost us some valuable time.

Great work by everybody!


Count-O-Rama: 8


Announcements: P200 and Grow Ruck obviously, Hot Yoga on Thursday (Get with Headgear if interested)

Prayer requests: Unspoken


Honor to lead.

– Texas Ranger

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