GrowRuck 17

GrowRuck 17

Workout Date:



Cadre Dredd, Cadre Shredder, Cadre DS


Weedeater, Flash, Headgear

The Thang:

Event: GrowRuck 17

Sandhills AO – Pinehurst, NC

Conditions: Cold, Windy, Wet

This journey started several months ago in either August or September when Flash announced that Grow Ruck 17 would take place in Pinehurst.  This is his old stomping grounds and his original F3 region so he automatically defaulted to Q on this one.  He happened to have Weedeater’s credit card so Weedeater somehow got signed up too.  Then YHC gave in…because…you get a patch and well…why not.

As per usual, Weedeater required no training whatsoever.   Flash disappeared for a few weeks before the event and might have only put a ruck on after he picked up Flop’s ruck but none of the PAX ever saw him wearing one so it would be safe to assume that he did zero ruck training for this.  He was spotted working on his running at the track so we should see some good 5k times coming up.  Sub 20?   YHC attends most beatdowns and has spent some time with the WaveRucker crew but probably not enough time under enough weight to qualify for a GRTough training program. Sounds good right?

Game Day rolls up and we meet up to clown car up in time for the GrowSchool, but not before stopping at Granny’s  Old Fashioned Doughnuts.  Flash grabbed a couple dozen while Weedeater left a chocolate eclair in the bathroom.  Did he really say that to Granny???  Flash and YHC shaking our heads, we headed off to Pinehurst HS  for GrowSchool -QSource Leadership Training presented by Dredd, F3 Nation Nantan – Dark Helmet, F3 Nation Q of Culture Building and Education – Bono, GrowRuck Q – Slaughter, F3Nation WeaselShaker.   QSource F1-F5 were on the agenda with lecture and group discussion.  Great info and leadership training.  It was clear that Dredd is a practitioner of Ask – Listen – Remember (ALR), as he made it a point to get to know his PAX and he could point them out knowing not just their names but details about them and who they are.  “A great Leader’s Legacy is built on love; Leaders LOVE their men – know your brothers.” Lots of good info on the agenda and one last takeaway was this quote from Dark Helmet, “Prepare for what you know will happen, be ready for what could happen.” Or maybe that was Dredd…

GrowSchool wrapped up and now time to eat, hydrate and rest.  Flash had a plan for us to crash the family Thanksgiving celebration held at Powers Pediatric Dentistry.  Never knew this but Flash has a big family and they are super cool.  New facts learned about this PAX, Flash is the second youngest of 5 and the reason he is so fast is that he had to run from his older brothers and sister pretty often as they tried to play dentist and chased him with real dental instruments, he is known to his nieces and nephews as Uncle Clarkie, and his beautiful mane runs in the family.  Also turns out that his BIL is fellow PAX, Wrangler, and he is rucking with us as well.  As we prepared to break from the Thanksgiving action for a quick snooze, Mama Powers cornered Weedeater while he was trying to sneak some laughing gas. She wanted to be sure he was taking Flash to church so he could find him a nice woman to marry. No problem!  Off to snooze before game time.  YHC had no problem doing so but apparently Weedeater was kept up by what was only describing as a wood chipper sawing through logs.  YHC was fighting off a cold so there was some snoring.  After some of us got some rest it was time to load up and head out.

F3 GrandStrand showed up back at Pinehurst HS.  The temps were cold…upper 30s with light rain and heavy winds.  Windchill was described as in the 20s.  Weedeater was adding layers and still talking about how cold the Tough in Myrtle Beach was that he did so finally YHC added an extra layer as well which ended up paying off.

1800 rolls around and the PAX were directed to pick up coupons and Mosey to the stadium.  Things were about to get real.  The next 14 hours were a combination of cold wind, rain, water, beatdowns, yelling, moving heavy stuff, solving problems, being wrong and getting better…Embrace the Suck…DFQ…all those patches now make sense.  Cadre Shredder, Cadre DS and Cadre Dredd upped the suck factor the rest of the night.  This is about how it went:

-Sprints for equipment check

-The PAX was directed to organize alphabetically and then split up so Weedeater, Wrangler and YHC ended up in Blue Platoon and Flash ended up in White Platoon.  We only saw him a couple of more times throughout the night but knew that he was surrounded by his Sandhills brothers.  YHC was pumped to be in a group with Weedeater.  Even though we just met Wrangler, it was great to see him in the same group as well.  Turns out that Dark Helmet and Bono of the F3 Nation Leadership team were also in Blue Platoon!  We also had a bunch of other hard hitting brothers in our platoon.

-Each Cadre led a welcome party suck – bear crawls down wet bleachers, fence scaling, no’s and yes’s.

-100M coupon passes w/ log

-Learn how to get into formation…this was chaos at first.

-Heading out to begin our first march, fellow PAX and squad member, Rafiki blew out his shoe…what…does that really happen?!?!  Then another fellow PAX next to him happened to have an extra pair of shoes just one size up in his ruck…Two is One and One is None…march on!

-Ford the river (it was cold!!!)

-Coupon movements

-Derby time – build an apparatus (out of a pallet, bars, bumper weights, ropes) to carry coupons.

-Move apparatus through soft trails…we ended up on the historic Pinehurst Horse Track.

-Now moving apparatus with one tire because of an IED blast…through cart paths on Pinehurst Golf Course.  This is the only time through the night, YHC saw a clock.  It was midnight. Still at least 6 hours to go.  Mosey to the Payne Stuart Statue where the PAX all got a group picture.

-Take all wheels off the apparatus.  Carry the Apparatus to the next stop.  We took turns moving our 4 or 5 man teams on the apparatus, moving it to the next point without putting it down until directed by the Cadre near the Pinehurst Resort entrance.

-As the PAX moved to gather near the famous Pinehurst Resort sign (in the grass) a man in a suit came running around from the building asking who was in charge…well, yelling “Who’s in charge here!”. The PAX didn’t say a word.  YHC looked around for Cadre and saw Dredd but prior instructions were for Shredder to handle any issues.  The dude was still upset as no one fessed up and he instructed us to get off the property as we cannot be in the grass as we were.  He was pretty pissed off.  Can’t really blame him as he was doing his job.  Pretty funny though.

-No time to waste, pick up your apparatus and carry it through trails or non-trails through the woods.

-PAX took a wrong turn but humped it out and was moving.  Blue Team and White team were moving so fast that Red Team was left behind…that’s a no-no and Cadre Shredder tore into us for that one.

-March as a team roped together on our carabiners. Initially, we started slow but Blue Platoon figured out a hack so we could move quicker as we needed to move 2 miles in 30 minutes and this wasn’t going to cut it.  Blue Platoon was moving quickly and even though instructions were to be sent back, confusion ensued and we split up from our group again.  Cadre Shredder kindly suggested that we bear crawl back to White Platoon.  So we backwards bear crawled back until we were all in place again.

-March some more…got rid of the ropes somewhere.

-Stop at Evolution Athletics for 300 WOD in honor of KIA SSG Dave Roten – 25 pull-ups, 50 deadlifts, 50 pushups, 50 box jumps, 50 floor wipers, 50 single arm clean & jerks, 25 pull-ups.  This place was awesome and the stop indoors was welcomed by all.  The idea was that the HIM of F3 are used to working out in the elements but let’s get them out of their comfort zones in a gym.

-Go back out into the cold for 5.5 miles to the traffic circle.

-PAX was moving fast.  Somewhere along the way, a Bling lookalike, started dry heaving and then projectile vomiting.  PAX stopped for a minute until he could get his composure and start moving again.

-Then PAX were walking in the street after being directed not to do so by the Cadre.  Time to stop and do some more YES – NOs

-Brief stop at the traffic circle to share our 6 word essays.   Lots of inspiration here and probably a few tears shed.

-Ruck up.  Only a couple of more milestones so.  Let’s get this done.

-Wouldn’t you know it…IED hits… 15 casualties…Cadre Shredder yelling to pick your men up.  Cadre DS yelling to move off the X because mortars are about to start raining down.   YHC lost his Grand Strand brothers running to the casualties.  Jumped on the first one that didn’t already have PAX surrounding him.  Looked like there were men laying everywhere!  Chaos. We ran and stopped.  Ran and stopped.  After some time carrying casualties, the Cadre offered our Team leader a way out…30 burpees with our rucks on.  Sounds like a deal.  We ended up doing 35 because we are overachievers…or because cadence sucked on some of them.   After we were done, the Cadre informed us that we only had about 300 more yards to go but they were happy with our burpees so the casualties sprang back to life and we doubletimed it back.

-Rafiki picked up his blown out shoe and we headed up through the woods back to the stadium.

-PAX in formation

-Cadre said some words

-Fellow PAX from somewhere in NC sang out an awesome F3 and GrowRuck inspired cadence.  Hope this is on video.

-Another fellow PAX wanted to say something so he told a story about robbing a house when he was thirteen…coming back 10 years lateral ask forgiveness…what?!?!?!  Crazy story that went on and on with too much detail…kinda like this BB…most of us stood there, shaking our heads.  Funny thing is this PAX is a HIM and it is crazy to think how small decisions can affect our lives.

-0800 and patches were finally being passed out…that means we survived!  Weedeater told Dark Helmet that if Cadre Shredder handed him his patch he would kiss him on the lips…but it turns out Cadre DS handed him his…Dredd handed me mine and YHC was pumped!  Not sure who handed Flash his but we were done!!! 65 started and 65 finished.  Mission Accomplished.

-Off to Granny’s again where we loaded up on donuts and Flash dropped a munchkin in the bathroom.  Saw another PAX there as well. This is the placed to go!

-The next ten minutes included stops at Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee (because you don’t get coffee at Granny’s), Bojangles for biscuits (because you don’t get breakfast at DDs), and then Walgreens for chapstick because YHCs lips were burning  from the cold night.  No wonder Flash is the cool uncle…he would have stopped at a different breakfast place for each of us without hesitation.

-Stopped to shower up and head home but YHC forgot his coffee so Uncle Flash stopped at McDonald’s for more coffee and another biscuit!

-Then another stop at a gas station (where we stopped on the way up) so Weedeater could grab a couple of more homemade cinnamon rolls.

All in all, this was a great weekend with some strong HIM!  Meeting the Powers Family was great and YHC is making his plans for a Powers Christmas!  Thankful to the HIM of Sandhills for getting this together.  Participating with the F3 Nation Leadership was awesome, especially having Dredd as a Cadre and Dark Helmet, Slaughter and Bono participate with us.

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