Grunge Would Approve!

Grunge Would Approve!

Workout Date:



Brown Bag


Crankbait, Brown Bag QIC

The Thang:

Conditions: Another warm February Morning. 65*


Texas Ranger reached out for a PAX to cover The Village Q for O’Doul’s (heal up quickly, brother!). YHC has been feeling great, well, as great as this 54-year-old abused body can feel, and jumped at the chance. You see, Grunge was DR last Saturday and YHC was reminded of his Slaughter Beatdown when he was at the Village last March. 


Pulled into The Village at 0508, strapped on the headlamp to map out where the Slaughter Beatdown was going to go down. YHC stumbled upon Beefsteak doing pull-ups ala solo in the gloom. No time to chat, so a cordial good morning was made and on we went about our business. 


Cars were rolling in in big numbers but all of the PAX were exercising their minds this morning as they strolled by with notebooks and lots and lots of coffee in hand. The one straggler was Crankbait. One minute warning was given and a shortened disclaimer was exclaimed and it went down like this:



SSH, 25 IC

TTT, 20 IC

IW, 20 IC

Squats, 15 IC

Hillbillies, 20 IC



YHC called out for everyone to line up for an Indian Run, after some chuckles Crankbait and YHC Mosey’d the perimeter of the AO and ended up right next to the building where the other PAX were studying Every Man A Warrior indoors. 


As the World Famous DJ Equipment was fired up with an extra special Slaughter Playlist, the Series of Slaughters commenced. Let’s see if a pattern emerges.


Series #1:  Burpees/Body Weight Squats

10 Burpees, OYO

9 BW Squats, SC

8 Burpees, OYO

7 BW Squats, SC

6 Burpees, OYO

5 BW Squats, SC

4 Burpees, OYO

3 BW Squats, SC

2 Burpees, OYO

1 BW Squat, SC

And…10 Burpees, OYO.


Mosey across the field and back.


Series #2: 8 Ct BodyBuilders (Burpee with a Plank Jack thrown in)/Monkey Humpers 

10 8 Ct BB, OYO

9 Monkey Humpers, SC

8 8 Ct BB, OYO

7 Monkey Humpers, SC

6 8 Ct BB, OYO

5 Monkey Humpers, SC

4 8 Ct BB, OYO

3 Monkey Humpers, SC

2 8 Ct BB, OYO

1 Monkey Humper, SC

And…10 8 Ct BB, OYO


Mosey across the field and back


Series #3: Merkins/Mountain Climbers

10 Merkins, SC

9 Mountain Climbers, IC

8 Merkins, SC

7 Mountain Climbers, IC

6 Merkins, SC

5 Mountain Climbers, IC

4 Merkins, SC

3 Mountain Climbers, IC

2 Merkins, SC

1 Mountain Climber, IC

And…10 Merkins, SC


Mosey across the field and back


Series #4: Bear Crawl/WWIIs

– Bear Crawl, 10 Paces IC,

– 9 WWIIs 

– Bear Crawl, 8 Paces IC,

– 7 WWIIs

– Bear Crawl, 6 Paces IC,

– 5 WWIIs

– Bear Crawl, 4 Paces IC,

– 3 WWIIs

– Bear Crawl, 2 Paces IC,

– 1 WWII

– 10 Bear Crawl, 10 Paces IC,

Mosey across the field and back


– (6x6x2 BLIMPS): 6 Exercises, 6 Reps Each, 2 Sets.

  1. Burpees, OYO
  2. LBCs, SC
  3. Iron Mikes, Count Right Leg
  4. Mtn Climbers, IC
  5. Plank Jacks, IC
  6. SSH, IC


Mosey’d back to the imaginary flag for a Round ‘O Mary


Pretzel Crunch 10 each side IC – Crankbait

American Hammer 20 IC – Brown Bag

Box Cutters 15 IC Crankbait

Freddie Mercury’s 15 IC Brown Bag


One minute of stretching




Gassed! Who needs a Friday to be Elite? Not YHC and Crankbait. We pushed each other hard and got an Epic Workout.


Announcements: Convergence on the 22nd 0600 at Doug Shaw Stadium, Dragon Boat, 10 Year Anniversary.


Prayers/Praises – YHC Prayed Us Out


Honor to Lead!


Brown Bag

Over and Out…












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