Guest Q BRR training

Guest Q BRR training

Workout Date:





Beaker, Burgundy, Barbie, Pattie Mayo(Hickory), Raven(Toledo), Hermes(Carpex)(qic)

The Thang:

Warmup: Jog to bank parking lot for Shut-in

Standard Warm-up:
10- GM
15- HB
20- Merkin
25- SSH

The Thang:
Are any of y’all doing BRR?
Run across Hwy 17. Ladder the 11 light poles with hand release merkins over the top of the largest hill in Horry County (aka bridge over the waterway).

Mosey back down the hill/bridge 2 light poles for some Hi-liter 7s with Burpees at the top and wait for it….. burpees at the bottom. (Vanilla).

Mosey back to the triangle median at 17 and do 10 monkey humpers in traffic while we wait on the light.

Fellowship run back to the flag for a summer Saban 1 minute late finish.



f3 grandstrand Dads tonight or is it tomorrow? Check Twitter.
Foster kids fundraiser at a church.

Prayers for Brian Swain (sp?) healing from severe jet ski accident.

YHC took us out.

And then.. 34 memorial burpees in honor of a fallen Grandstrand pax and A recital of the mission and core principles (thanks for the help guys) to earn a Patch!

NMS: Someone said we hit 3.6 miles and that has to be a record. (Note that it would need an asterisk because we were late getting back.)

The patch sticks pretty well to a wet head band. It was an honor to lead this morning. I appreciate the Hospitality and how well F3 travels.

Thank you for your leadership

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