“Guys, you’re gonna make OneCall faint”

“Guys, you’re gonna make OneCall faint”

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Weedeater, Stewie, Franklin, Penelope, Varsity, Bubbles, Mr. Jingles (Respect), Turn and Cough, Geno, Flop, Flash (HAPPY BIRTHDAY), Billboard, Lombardi, OneCall

The Thang:

74 and a slight slight breeze

Today was supposed to be Early Bird’s Q. He had been signed up a while, and he has been hit or miss with posting due to life and work, so I was excited to see him, but then, NEW PHONE launches overtook his life!  Ugh.  So he reached out for a swap and Flop jumped on it.  Well, then yesterday Flop asked YHC if I would Q as he was not 100% having some knee issues, so I said sure!  3rd string getting called up to the show!  #SoExcited!

YHC put out a little vote in the rucking Slack channel – do we wanna go for 4 miles and get a ruck WOD for Pathfinder?  Or just do 3 miles and a non-ruck beatdown.  1 vote.  Flop.  415, 4 miles, ruck WOD.  Not sure where the others were.  Hoser was on shift, so he couldn’t make it, so he abstained. Wasn’t really worried about Lombardi and Turn who don’t chat much in the Slack Channel, but always appear at whatever craziness we call for at whatever hour we say.  Geno flat out admitted he saw it, decided at that moment he would not be coming at 0415, so ignored it.  Bling was having travel issues.  Valvano…Bueller?  Penelope…o Penelope!  So with a 1-0 vote, and 1 abstention, I created a weinke that I hoped would server ruckers and runners equally well.  From the feedback I think it worked.

It was nice to start the morning with a brisk 4 mile ruck.  Turn, Lombardi, and Flop cranked it out in 58 minutes.

We got back, and got ready.  Billboard and Mr. Jingles were stretching out.  Flash appeared like usual out of nowhere.  Varsity was stretching like crazy looking a little angry.  Our FNG from Tuesday – Stewie – was back – always good to see the FNG’s return!  Weedeater drove his rig, and Franklin was there ready to roll.  Bubbles with his new weight vest just to make everything harder.  And there was Geno!!  And Penelope coming in late, but there!

1 minute warning

The DISCLAIMER was given

SSH x 20 IC
IW x 15 IC
TTT x 10 IC
[Not sure what was going on here, but at this point, form went all the hades and back.  Geno literally did not move during these as Billboard called out.  Then, it got worse and worse…not sure what was going on, but someone or two got called out with every exercise.  Hence the title of this BB, as somebody, Billboard I think, yelled that out – luckily, I survived this disaster of a form demonstration, but it was touch and go for a few of the exercises]
22 Merkins – single count #22kills
Hold Plank for a while
Hold 6″ for a while
Hold Plank for a while again
Alternating Shoulder Taps x 15 IC
Squats x 15 IC
Diamond Merkins (SUPER FAST) x 12 IC
Hold Plank for a while

Alright, after laughter from all the “modifications” and the intentionally super fast merkins, we grabbed our rucks and moseyed to the 1/4 mile track. Those without rucks, just moseyed.

Here was the THANG
Do a Lap – 1x for ruckers, 2x for runners
[Flash is absurdly fast; Bubbles was killing it with the weight vest (Billboard wore one too, he may have maimed it more than killed it, but he is 240 solid muscle); Varsity fought through the pain and was as always very quick; Weedeater can move for a big guy; the rest of the runners pushed hard at various paces and all did fantastic!]
20 Merkins
20 Mtn climbers
20 Plank Jacks
Rinse and repeat the exercises until everyone done
Then, we did 20 single count Merkins on Billboard’s count
20 Mtn climbers OYO
20 Plank Jacks OYO

Do a Lap – 1x for ruckers (Farmers Carry the ruck this time), 2x for runners
20 Squats
20 Front Lunges
20 Back Lunges
[YHC found these very very tricky with a ruck]
Rinse and repeat the exercises until everyone done
Then, we did 20 single count Squats on Bubbles’ count

Do a Lap – 1x for ruckers (front wear your ruck), 2x for runners
20 BBSU’s
20 Flutters (press or hold ruck if you got one)
20 LBC’s
Rinse and repeat the exercises until everyone done
Then, we did 20 4-count Flutters since the Oct-Dec Charity Challenge is 4-count Flutters on YHC’s count

Do a Lap – 1x for ruckers (back to your back), 2x for runners
10 Burpees

YHC was glad to see that the timing was pretty close for all ruckers and runners!

We then went to the field and started at a nice line painted there.
Instructions given. 30 seconds. Do not stop, do not put a knee down. Bear Crawl as far as you can. Then we took a quick 10 second break, and crawl beared back! See where you were in comparison
Next round was rucks on front if you have em. Crab walk hands 1st for 30 seconds as far as you can. Then 10 second break. Then crab walk back – legs first
Good to see which way you were better at to know where you need to improve.

We had a few minutes left, so YHC just called for a quick 4 minute AMRAP
5 Burpees
10 Merkins
15 Squats

Back to starting point


Count-O-Rama – 14
Prayer requests for recent issues with those dealing with missing children / Amber Alert
Prayer requests for those dealing with past or upcoming hurricanes
Prayer requests unspoken

– You guys are all awesome. even when your form may not be.  Thank you as always for the push, accountability, friendship and camaraderie!
– Enjoyed it fellas! KEEP EH’ing!!!

– Be sure to check out our regional website. All local information is on that!
– Kettlebells tomorrow at #Warthog – 0515. Show up.
– Run group #Hulkamania in CF – 0530
– If you are not reading Hoser’s posts in the #3rdF Slack channel, you are missing out – get in that channel.  We also need someone willing to lead a Bible study.  Talk to YHC, Hoser, or Lombardi if you are that #HIM
– See Flash and get on the bus for #Brolympics (NOT Bro-olympics Geno)
– November 7 – 7th AO launch for F3GrandStrand!!! See it here!
– Check this out for the Christmas Party!!!  Podcast is Q and he is going to make this epic!  [Also, please vote to allow me to attend]


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