Halloween hangovers lead to great mumblechatter!

Halloween hangovers lead to great mumblechatter!

Workout Date:





Grasspatch, Bluegrass, and YHC.

The Thang:

Arrived to find an almost EMPTY #Riviera Parking lot.  I figured this may be the scene, since everyone probably overdosed on Reese’s Cups and Cup Cakes!  Bluegrass was doing his usual pre-run (this guy is the epitome of consistency and it shows!).

Grasspatch and myself are still in recovery from Hoedowns TRUE NORTH EXPEDITION experience, so a beatdown was not what we needed this morning.  Being the 2 senior (43) backpackers, our calves and backs were still in RECOVERY mode, but we knew we had to get back on the pony and ride.


One pre-lap while waiting on Bluegrass to recover.

Circle up

SSH-30 IC / CDD-15 IC / Merkins-20 / TTT – 15 / Stretch

Circle up hold Al Gore – Circle Right – Circle Left / Stretch / Take a mosey around the big box / 2x’s -30 Sec Rocky Balboas

PAX Choice – Grasspatch: 5 Burpees, 10 BB, 15 Merkins and Sprint to end of building Rinse and Repeat X’s 4.

Bluegrass- 20 One leg lunges followed by Deep Squats R&R x2.  Followed by a new move he wanted to experiment on Grasspatch and YHC: Explosive TWIST LUNGE (I will save more details for him.)

Mosey around the building with more solid #mumblechatter!

Line up on the parking lines: Squat to the next line 5 Merkins plus 5 at each line (ending with 40). Turn around and go back to start with 10 LBC’s plus 5 at each line (45 max).


Tona Holbert, Hoedown’s family and Wyatt’s recovery, and unspoken.

#F3 enables us to live our lives more fully, giving us the ability to backpack in the mountains, experience deeper relationships with other #HIM, and gives us the ability to excel in everyday life. Find a friend and reach-out to someone who has been a #kotter.

Although the workout was not a #snotwoggler it was great to discuss the #movement of F3 in the region. Calling focus to the goal: offering opportunities for men to experience #SharedLeadership.   Good to share the GLOOM with these two #HIM’s.



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