Hans And Franz

Hans And Franz

Workout Date:



1st Base


Judge Judy (AOQ), ERC

The Thang:

Conditions: Mid-50s and clear. Could have sworn Alexa told me it was 64 before I left the house.

PRE-RUCK: Judge Judy and I convened court a little early, meeting at 0540 to get in some ruck time. We stuck in the AO and managed to get in a couple of miles. ERC pulled in at the start of our last lap and YHC had to hustle to get the flag planted and start the beatdown proper on time.


20 Side Straddle Hops, IC

15 Thru The Tunnel, IC

15 Windmills, IC

10 Willie Mays Hayes, IC

15 Tempo Squats, IC


15 Seal Claps, IC

15 Overhead Claps, IC

Quick Mosey around the Church and out to the Blockpile. JJ had requested a coupon heavy workout and I was all too happy to oblige.


Image result for snl pump you up

Jacob’s Ladder. This has been one of my favorite go-tos for block work ever since Pikachu introduced me to it. Not the same as what is listed in the Exicon, fwiw. Everyone lines up on one side of a short parking lot and completes a ladder up and then back down, doing a rifle carry to the opposite side of the parking lot between each set.

5 Lawnmowers (with each arm)

+ 10 Tricep Extensions

+ 15 Curls

+ 20 Overhead Presses

Repeat Previous Set

– 20 Overhead Presses

-15 Curls

-10 Tricp Extensions

Reset with a quick mosey around the Church, grabbed the blocks and moved to the cross for the next section.

Wheel of Merkins (Interrupted). Lining up in front of the curb, instructions were to complete sets of 10 Merkins variations, starting with incline, offset right, decline and offset left with a set of 20 curls between each set of Merkins. After completion, another mosey around the Church before starting round 2, this time switching out the Curls for 5 Lawn Mowers each arm.

Flutter Presses. PAX were instructed to find a nice section of faux grass and complete 15 four count flutter presses. ERC threatened to go back to sleep. Did not sound like the worst idea. Completed two rounds and Judge Judy said we might as well make it three, so we did.

Blocks returned to the Blockpile, we made it back to the flag in time for a couple of quick rounds of


25 Flutterkicks, IC

20 LBCs, IC




2nd F Laser Tag at Ultra Zone, Saturday January 28th with Coast Pizza for a bite beforehand.

Freed to Bleed 2/16. Sign up.

YHC led us out with a quick prayer.

Honored to lead.