Happy anniversary to The Republic!

Happy anniversary to The Republic!

Workout Date:





Postal, Big Wheels

The Thang:

47 degrees! Finally having to make choices about what to wear, instead of what I plan to sweat through.

3 PAX circled up to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of The Republic. It was a simple workout with a little of everything and bit heavier on the running to burn off the sugar from last night.

A short mosey around the downtown area and form up on the sandlot. I had a gross planned- 12 exercises with 12 reps each. The first rotation was merkins, squats, plank jacks, and mountain climbers.

Another mosey around the judicial complex and back to the sand lot. The second set was merkins, SSH, jump squats, and big boy situps.

Another mosey through the downtown alleys and form again at the sandlot for the final round. Merkins, skiers, LBCs, and you know you want them- burpees.

A final mosey along the riverwalk and reform where the shovel flag should be.

Announcements- 2nd F tomorrow at Three Guys.

Prayer requests- Postal and Big Wheels M’s who are soon to add to the PAX. Our nation as we struggle with violence and crime.

I prayed us out. Honored!

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