Happy Birthday F3 Nation!

Happy Birthday F3 Nation!

Workout Date:



Brown Bag


Hamburglar, Quaker, Castaway, War Eagle, Brown Bag QIC

The Thang:

Text sent to Castaway at 7:38 am on 12/29/2020:

1/1/2021 is F3 Nation’s 10 year anniversary. I have a crazy idea for The Village. Wanna hear it?

Castaway’s response:

Yeah man let’s hear it!

The plan was set into motion…

(Read all the way to the bottom to see the video!!!)


61 degrees, steady rain. Perfect for a swim.


On New Year’s Day morning YHC drove to 65th Ave N Beach Access in the pouring rain. Pulled in and found Hamburglar, Quaker, and Castaway sitting in their cozy cars. We all got out and stood in the rain and got ready to circle up when Hamburglar kicked off his flip-flops and was like, well, we jumping in the ocean or what? Evidently, he thought there was no beatdown. Sorry, but that wasn’t the plan. But of course, nothing can ever stop Hamburglar so he proceeded to take part in the beatdown barefoot.


Proper disclaimer given at 0630


SSH – 25 IC

TTT – 15 IC

IW – 20 IC


LBAC – 20 IC

LBAC in Reverse – 20 IC


Mosey’d heading south down Ocean Blvd. Intermittent stops along the way for:

Mountain Climbers – 25 IC

Plank Jacks – 25 IC

Tempo Squat – 25 IC


At the Gardens By The Sea Memorial Park (never knew it was called that until just now) we did 25 Dips OYO. This is precisely one-mile from our starting point. We mosey’d back to complete our 2-mile adventure. Upon getting back to 65th Ave N Beach Access we found War Eagle on his one-wheel. He had shown up a bit late and couldn’t find us. 


By now, it was raining pretty hard and it was time to take our Polar-Plunge. But wait, this momentous moment must be captured on video. YHC thought ahead and brought a tripod AND a beach umbrella. Quaker was tasked with setting up the beach umbrella while YHC got the camera set up on the tripod. Success! The camera was set up under the umbrella to stay dry, we ripped off our shirts, said a few words, and made the mad dash for the ocean. 


We started the new year with a good cleansing in the cold surf!


Made it back to the parking lot.




Count-o-rama – 5



Announcements, Prayers/Praises


YHC prayed us out.


This will happen again on 1/1/2022. YHC suggests that all y’all add this to your calendar!


Honor to lead and to be a part of F3!


Brown Bag


Over and out





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