Happy New Year

Happy New Year

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Sunshine, Kitten, Brown Bag, Vitamin D, Buffett

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Weather: a thick 68 degree morning, overcast

Arrived early to get my mind right, as yours truly has been a Kotter on and off for the past months. Thanks to Sunshine for the push to get my 2019 started right…sharpening iron(although it’s more like aluminum right now). Kitten arrived on foot in normal fashion, bringing with him a couple of borrowed mini tickets. Followed by Sunshine, Vitamin D, and Brown Bag. Called the one minute warning, and circled up to get it started. Welcomed our brothers, gave the proper disclaimers, along with a request for leniency due to my lack of attendance. Then we started….

IC 20 SSH, 15 Windmill, 20 IW, 15 TTT, 10 LBAC(forward), named the 5 core principles, 10 LBAC(reverse), 10 OVC, 10 Tempo Squats, rounded out with 22 Merkins. Recovered, and headed out for a mosey. Halted after approx 1/2 mile. Explained the upcoming ladder workout. 5 rungs, approx 25 yards apart. Rung #1 = 5 Burpees, #2 = 10 BBS, #3 = 15 Merkins, #4 = 20 SSH, and #5 = 25 LBC. PAX ran to Rung #1, exercised, and returned to starting point to plank on the 6. Next, PAX ran to Rung #1, exercised, ran to Rung #2, exercised, and returned to starting point to plank on the 6…and so on and so forth until all Rungs were completed. Standing 10 count, followed by a return mosey to the AO. Upon arrival, we transitioned over to the basketball court for a ‘partnered 11’. While PAX 1 was in wall sit formation, PAX 2 ran to the end of the court, exercised 11 4-count Mountain Climbers, and returned to relieve the PAX 1 from the wall sit. PAX 2 then ran to the end of the court for 10 4-count Mountain Climbers…and so on and so forth. Upon completion, all PAX returned to COT area for a 60 second per PAX round of mary…PAX choice. Sunshine = High Knee Up/Downs, Vitamin D = Super Mans/ Bananas, Buffet = American Hammers, Kitten = Sweat Angels, and Brown Bag = Planks….time called, however Brown Bag called for Merkins…1…2…3…4…5..TIME CALLED AGAIN! Counted off, NOR, announcements of our new Nan’tan, AOQ, 2nd and 3rd F Q’s, closing all with a praises and prayers for all our brothers, and a healthy and happy New Year!

It was truly an honor to kick of the year, and work along side my brothers.

Aye! Buffett

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