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HoeDown, Whittle, Pert Plus, Etch-a-Sketch, Bluegrass, Quaker, Goldberg (Grass Patch, Stuffed Crust, Runoff, Mudslide [kettlebells only])

The Thang:

Friday mornings in Conway are always the ULTIMATE experience to get HYPED!! Under the Watertower the Fleet Feeted Fanatics meet for a weekly Hasselhoff run through scenic downtown and just north at the Rock Weight Wielding Warriors swing the Bells at SouthernBells!! Today, however, would be different because these 2 beatdowns converged into 1. We took the beatdown beyond the event horizon and made it SUPREMEULTIMATE!! The Plan was simple, meet at the Watertower, run 2.7 miles to the ROCK, sling weights & push pallets, then run back to the Tower!

4:40-ish: 7 PAX met at the Watertower for some preliminary stretching, greetings, and mumble chatter. 3 AO’s were represented!! HoeDown, Bluegrass, Whittle, and Etch-a-Sketch proudly represented the Riveria; Goldberg & PertPlus flew the colors for the Republic, and Quaker came in over the bridge from BombSquad.

4:44 – Silent 1 minute warning

4:45 – Off and Running.  Bluegrass was the pace car for the lead PAX consisting of HoeDown, Etcha-a-Sketch, & Quaker, while Pert Plus lead the Cheetas consisting also of Goldberg, Whittle.  It should be noted that Whittle began the run in the 1st group but dropped back at 3rd avenue to keep Goldberg company (Maybe Goldberg had better music!).

We all took the same route as the trial run last week; straight out Laurel Street until 16th Avenue. At 16th Avenue, we made a left past Collins Park and headed for 501. As we neared 501, Quaker peeled off through the Dollar General Parking Lot, past Mickey D’s and onto 501. The Rest of the lead PAX continued straight past Hardees and on to 501. Quaker crossed 501 near Big Lots and fell in just behind Bluegrass & HoeDown. They continued to run along 501 all the way to Mill Pond Road and on into the AO parking lot. Etch-a-Sketch and Quaker took a slightly more direct approach to the AO through Big Lot’s parking lot.

5:05 – As we arrived at the Riveria, Mudslide was unloading various weights. Bluegrass then began unloading a series of kettlebells, heavy rope, and dumbbells. As we waited for Goldberg, Whittle, and Pert Plus, other PAX were arriving by truck for the ensuing beatdown. Grasspatch, Stuff Crust, and Runoff completed the PAX.

Pert Plus then arrived, followed by Goldberg, and bringing up the rear was Whittle! At this point 1/3 of the SUPREMEULTIMATE beatdown was completed!

See complete Southernbell BackBlast for details of 2nd 3rd of beatdown.

5: 35 – Group picture for the archives (4 PAX prepared for the run back to Hasselhoff, 7 PAX remained at SouthernBells to complete KettleBells)

5:40 – The return gallop begins for 4 PAX (HoeDown, Quaker, Pert Plus, & Goldberg).  We began by crossing Mill Pond Road and running through Big Lot’s parking lot, then east on 501. We crossed 501 near the Chic-fil-a, cut through the mall parking lot, then down 16th Avenue.  At Elm Street we made a right to head back towards the Watertower. Up hills, past schools & churches. At this point all PAX were running different paces and kept pushing themselves physically and mentally. We all arrived back at the the Watertower with a quicker pace then we had heading out this morning. As we neared the Shovel Flag a curiously familiar looking truck passed us and pulled in near the Watertower . . . It was Whittle (apparently modifying the run back from the Rock) and dropping off the pallet used during SouthernBelles . . .

Announcements: True North . . . if interested contact HoeDown for more details (possible scholarships are available!)

Prayers led by Hoedown

Bluegrass & Etch-a-Sketch after completing SouthernBells then ran back to the Watertower






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