Hasselhoff Happenings

Hasselhoff Happenings

Workout Date:





Straplock, Postal, Pert Prime, Peach, Super Dave, Saved by the Bell, Quaker

The Thang:

AO:  The Republic/Hasselhoff

Conditions: 64 degress, calm, perfect!

The tweet by Goldberg went out last night for big numbers for Hasselhoff in the morning (I guess he was tired of running alone).  I did not HC and no one else logged an official HC either. But I knew I could not let Goldberg hanging and I was sure other PAX would post too! I woke up early around 4:40ish and bounced out and grabbed my “Sleeveless Like Cheech” running T.  Goldberg’s call was answered; 7 PAX strong.

When I arrived at the Water Tower, Prime, Peach and Straplock were there.  Peach let me know that a 2 a.m. text was recieved from Goldberg that he would not be able to make the run due to a fever (his 2.0). No worries, he would be there in spirit. Next to arrive was Super Dave. As we chatted, a “Taxi” (white minivan with yellow light on top) drove past the PAX and someone joked that you know you’re dedicated to F3 when you get a taxi to the AO! The taxi drove past, then rounded the Circle,  pulled to the curve, and parked. It really was a PAX!!  That’s no taxi its a Mail Delivery Vehicle!! And who is the PAX? None other then Postal himself!! At about the 1 minute warning, Saved by the Bell (as his name implies) rolled in and completed our crew.

5:15: Silent No Minute Warning

All PAX had different paces; Peach added a 12lbs vest to slow him down the mortal’s pace. After the 1st 1/2 block there were 2 distinct groups. Super Dave was the lead pace car for 4 of us, and Postal lead the rear Guard. As always the mumblechatter was great as we moved through the downtown at a fellowship pace. There seemed to be a bit more traffic on the streets then usual and we had to alternate between the road and sidewalks. About 1/2 way through the run, Super Dave hit a pot hole and almost bit the asphalt, but recoved nicely! Apparently he was running on the “wrong side of the street”. As we neared the elementary school, Super Dave took the 12 lbs vest and he and Peach kicked up the pace. There were now three subgroups: (1) Super Dave & Peach; (2) Quaker & Saved By the Bell; (3) Straplock, Postal, and Prime. During the second half of our run we kept the lead dogs in our sights ( about 1 block ahead) and thought we would cross paths with the others but did not see them until we arrived back at the Water Tower. Saved By The Bell told me motivation stories of the young adults he teaches and how has always encourages them to “finish the race”. ” Don’t run 90 meters of 100 meter sprint”; “Sometimes the race we’re in is a marathon not a sprint and you can’t stop running at mile 25!” This was not only great advice for the kids, but was also great advice for each one of us a leaders in our families and communities.  . . Run was completed with 3.6 miles logged!

Straplock led us in Prayers: Prayers for Barney & his family;  prayers for young boy injured at ISI ( mid finger amputation and index finger crushed in freak accident); genereal prayers for all PAX.



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