Head Games

Head Games

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One Call, Bling


Huey, Lombardi, Valvano, Hoser, Fergie, Castaway, Tiny Dancer, Cubbie, Headgear, Rousey, Spinal Tap, Sade,

The Thang:

Head games, it’s you and me baby
Head games, and I can’t take it anymore
Head games, I don’t wanna play the
Head games

Name the group Waverucker crew!  This Classic rock band is still kicking in 2021!  As One Call and I were drinking smooth whiskey one night, while listening to this above band, and Englebert Humperdinck, and Britney Spears, we came up with different approach to our Q today.  With all the training (hard) we have been putting in the last 2-3 weeks in preparation to absolutely crush GrowRuck (and finally make Headgear look good), we can easily see the progress our manly team is making physically.  It shows- trust me!

We wanted to take a more mental approach to this Q, making you feel more uncomfortable “upstairs”, while still pushing us all physically.  I told OC of my past experience in Bragg about 3-4 years ago- Cadre made the group carry ammo cans up and down a hill about 1/4 mile apart- each time we got to the end to the Cadre, they would yell at us to turn around and take them back- just screwing with our minds (and laughing!). SO- we came up with a plan, tweaked and laughed and cried (well, I did) and put the finishing touches on this beauty last night!  OC grabbed me at 0340 (a solid 8 hours sleep for me), grabbed my short and long log, stopped by BS to grab yet another short log and made out way down to the Mothership.  Pulled into the lot to set up at 0415- here is what we had:

1 flag- hidden by the dumpster.  Headgear noticed (but didnt when it counted!!)

2 short 1 man logs

1 thick 2 man log

2 80 kettlebell

1 40 sandbag

2 80 sandbag

10 60 sandbag- hot damn thats a lot of crap!

We had placed a 40 pound bag in Valor park for later.  also a 40 pound kettlebell and 60 pound sandbag in the parking deck incline for later……….(insert mischievous laugh here).  Set up cones/logs/kettlebells/bags on the clean and pristine field at Warthog for the relay race.  0425- PAX rolling in!

12 Studs were present in the lot at the 0430 bell.  all was set up except for the 7 60 bags in the lot from the PAX- lets get rucked up and grab these bags- meet over on the side of the field, about 50 yard line-  get in proper formation- worked out perfectly with 12- we did 2 ranks of 6 as my usual short and uninformed disclaimer was given.

1-  Link arms for lunge walks.  Hoser lead flank #1 with knees hitting the mud.  Fergie led flank #2 with same details.  about 20 yards down, and back- knees in the mud.  Lesson #1- lets wear pants to Waverucker….. PAX did overhead hold as I went over these details

2- all 12 link arms together-  20 squats IC.  as I called out the cadence, all PAX would yell out their name and F3 nickname- wanted to make sure everyone knew everyone!

3- threw the 40 pounder in the middle of the group- lets pass this around the circle as fast as we can, I called out “rotate” when I wanted them to switch.

4- overhead ruck hold- had Huey try and name all PAX in the circle.  then Fergie, then Cubbie nailed it.  (this was supposed to fail Huey- keep coming back!)

5- rucks on front hold- we would pass around circle on my instructions “4 to the left, 5 to the right, etc”. watching them try and pass rucks was great- some are heavy, some light, some holding straps, some handles!  great work here.  at 1 point I stopped and asked them to put rucks down and mosey until I said stop.  “run where”?  just go until I say.  PAX took off down the track for about 10 seconds. Stop!  you have 30 seconds to go get YOUR ruck and get in formation-GO.  meant to fail, and they did.  So lets start over again in the circle.  This time Valvano tells group to simply run in a circle around the rucks…..AHHHH- that makes things easier!  after 10 seconds of chanting like Indians, they made it into formation in 19 seconds!  Solid gents.

My PT plan is complete- OC takes over for his Relay race of death!

2 teams of 6

80 lb Sandbag – Farmer carry it to Cone – 20 yards
At cone, drop bag and sprint (modified to mosey due to horrendous field conditions) 25 yards to 1 man log

Pick this up like atlas stone – no shoulders and move it to next cone/sandbag/80 lb KB

Drop log, 5 KB deadlifts, get sandbag on shoulders, move to final cone and around then back to KB/log
Again – 5 KB deadlifts, log to cone, drop it, mosey to sandbag, farmer carry the sandbag back back to start


This was fantastic- and hard from what I could tell from the sidelines!  Teams were even, PAX were pushing thru, and the teamwork was impressive.  Points to note here:

Huey and Rousey are holding out on us.  This will not be acceptable anymore.  #Ronavirus and #bumknee are trending amongst the F3Nation!

Watching Headgear carry the 80 pound bag is awesome- he only weighs 150!

Fergie needs darker pants, Hoser is a manchild, Castaway and Sade are too young for this group!

So here is where the mental battle started.  I slipped away towards the end of the race to walk over to Valor Park- OC had the crew gather up the coupons and get ready for a movement.  PAX has 5 minutes to reach Valor Park to meet up with me at the small field.  As I see them coming over, OC and I are talking and the plan is working already.  Again, we hid the American flag by the dumpster as it wasn’t a part of the PT or relay- and was “forgotten” by the group.  they made it to me in about 4 minutes- really pushing pace with the 2 man log and 7 sandbags- solid work!  BUT- they forgot the flag and I immediately turned them around, telling TL Spinal Tap that the flag MUST lead the team- always.  Groans, comments, pissed off faces- all go back to OC- in the same 5 minutes.  By this time OC has moved the flag to the field for all to see.  PT punishment ensued……

I moved from Valor Park to the top of the parking deck (remember we have 1 40 pound bag hidden at Valor and 1 kettlebell and sandbag in the incline of the deck.)  OC gives the crew 10 minutes to now get up to the parking deck to meet me- giving them an instruction “Be observant” as you go!   I hear Hoser telling group to grab kettlebell and sandbag on the 2nd level- details people!  Crew makes it up in plenty of time- really looking good and pushing pace.  coupons down and rucks down…..neatly as I watch GRT’s Lombardi, Hoser and Valvano instruct crew on details!

OC has moved into Valor park where the hidden 40 remains!  As the group is resting, he calls (on speaker) and informs the group they left a sandbag casualty in Valor- WTH!!  we run down the stairs and into Valor to grab and immediately back up the deck to the top.  OC and I come up with a quick round of PT as we only have about 15 minutes of fun left!

flank 1- sandbags overhead in circle- this is tough!

flank 2- down the stairs and back up without rucks, switch

all 12 together for 1 last exercise.  holding straps of 2 rucks, we would overhead press them together.  get close, its easier.  Tough work and all smoked!!

13 minutes to get back to AO- all coupons must go.  Tiny Dancer led this group back successfully in 12 minutes.

really solid work by all here, we were both impressed driving home (and laughing!).


  1. Be sure to HC for OC/V 2nd training session on 2/27- this is sure to be brutal!!
  2. Lombardi leading our 12miler in March- details to follow.  this will probably be at night
  3. I am leading the last training session on 4/3 (1 month from event) that will be awesome.

Praises and prayers- these men are awesome!


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