#HeisenbergTribute…and football

#HeisenbergTribute…and football

Workout Date:





Pikachu, Doughboy, Rubber, Elmers (Respect), Baggage, CrossStitch, Quaker (Respect), Spork, TeddyToeTouch, Bling, Jeter, Diddle (FNG), Gucci (2.0), SEALBreak(2.0), Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

On a dark and stormy night early in 2021, CrossStitch reached out to YHC to see if I would take the Q for this weekend. Of course I would. Apparently, YHC also agreed to bring a co-Q that EH’d YHC or that YHC EH’d. No problem. CrossStitch sent the reminder of Q text on Monday of this week. Sounds good. Let’s go. Tweet goes out Friday afternoon…Headgear on Q with Mystery Co-Q…. What was that all about??? The PAX that EH’d YHC are in Lexington and Lake Murray so YHC got to texting PAX that YHC EH’d. Turns out many haven’t posted in a while and also had excuses…moved to another state, had to work, out of town…or they replied with the “new phone who dis” text. So YHC grabbed 2.0, SEALBreak, and his partner in crime 2.0, Gucci, worked through a warm up with them, woke them up at 0500 and hit the road.

Checked out the AO. Planted the shovel flags. Field looked great so the beatdown was ready to go. Threw the football around until PAX started rolling in from their 10 miler this AM!.

2 minute warning as FNG rolls up

Disclaimer and F3 Mission – To Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


SSH x15 IC

Merkins x15 IC – led by SEALBreak

SealJax x15 IC led by Gucci

TTT x10 IC

Windmills x10 IC

IW x15 IC



Overhead Press x15 IC

SealClaps x15 IC

Most PAX were already warmed up so let’s go!

Mosey to the field at the goal line.

5 core principals – Always Free. Open to All Men. Held Outdoors, rain or shine. Peer Led. Ends in a COT.

F3 Jacksonville lost a PAX recently. Heisenberg was married with two daughters. He was a past Nantan to the strong region of Jacksonville. His Twitter profile says he ”Runs for fun and a great burger.” Apparently, he liked burpees and monkey humpers as well…who doesn’t.

The Heisenberg Tribute beatdown is:

100 yard run, 5 Heisenburpees, 10 HeisenMerkins, 15 MonkeyHumpers X 10 Rounds

Somewhere during this time Jeter and Bling showed up after completing their pre-runs and CrossStitch left because he had the … or he was upset at my choice of 2.0s as Co-Qs….

Plenty of time left so we played some 2 hand touch football with 50 yards of field. YHC asked resident football star, Pikachu, to lead this and he quickly took charge. We couldn’t see the ball and half of us can’t catch so it was awesome. Rubber and Elmers really got into it took each other out! Tweety Birds were everywhere and the crack of heads was confused for the 0700 church bells! After a couple of minutes of making sure Elmers knew which way was up, we continued the game. There was a lot of smack talk and we proceeded with no more casualties.

5 minutes left and mosey to the #ShovelFlags for PAX choice:

YHC – 10 burpees OYO

Quaker – 15 Flutterkicks IC

Spork – 15 American Hammers IC

TeddyToeTouch – Got bullied by Bling so he passed on 3 exercises included Toe touches and ended up calling out 10 Merkins OYO

Jeter – Superman



FNG – Marcos – EH’d by Spork while buying a couch on FB Marketplace. Spork put the heat on and FNG posted two days later. He jumped right in! He’s from Brazil, lived in Boston, has 3 kids and played the drums. Baggage somehow came up with Diddle. Welcome!

F3GS CampOut Weekend is back at Myrtle Beach State Park for October 21-22. See Spork or CrossStitch for more info.

Check out the new 2nd F schedule on Slack which includes Guys Night Out at Rioz on 10/27. See Shoeless and Jeter for more info.

Halloween TackyTankTop and Costume Convergence set for Saturday 10/29 at ThePlank.

Chad 1000x will be November 12th at Warbird Park

Prayers – Spoken and Unspoken

Moleskin –

10 miles before the beatdown! Awesome work by those PAX willing to push their limits before the beatdown not knowing what YHC would throw at them. There are always #HIM pushing their limits. Just look around. Not everyone will run 10 miles before the beatdown but find your motivation to find and push your limits!

Last weekend, F3GS paid tribute to one of our fallen PAX. Jacob Hancher, aka Hightower and PAX all over the country did the Hightower WOD. Today, we remembered Heisenberg to support our brothers in F3 Jacksonville. F3 can make the world a small place. Many of us have posted with Jacksonville PAX while being DR there or them being DR here. We ran into several JAX PAX at the BRR this year. We all wake up early, get after it and are trying to get better. When we lose a #HIM, its comforting to know that there are prayers and support coming from around the country and world.

Thankful for everyone posting to the beatdown! Hoping Elmers and Rubber are okay. We found out the best way to quiet Jeter is to either make him run 6 miles or bring some 2.0s that can talk more than him….(thanks for keeping the F-bombs to a minimum Jeter). Great work by everyone!

Honored to Lead!

-Headgear out!