Held OUTDOORS Rain Or Shine

Held OUTDOORS Rain Or Shine

Workout Date:



Candy Cane


Candy Cane (AOQ), Headgear, Bling

The Thang:

With the forecast looking rough for the morning I woke up wondering if I was going to be solo but being AOQ and the fact that one of our core principles is that workouts are held outdoors rain or shine I went ahead and showed up to the AO with 5 min to spare. To my surprise Bling and Headgear were in the lot just getting out of their trucks but later informed me they were just going to do some sandbag work. As enticing as a good sandbag beatdown sounded I declined and went about my original plan on a new route and stretched the legs out.

After settling in to a slow but steady pace and cruising the hood I witnessed a police chase, random roaming bums, on/off rain, and various other questionable activities that were going at 6 in the morning and this all made me realize why we hold these workouts outside in the elements. We wake up early and do these beatdowns because you never know what youre gonna get and the uncontrollable factors are what adds to the difficulty which in turn helps us progress in our fitness journey. Sure we could all stay inside, set our thermostats, turn on a tv, hop on that treadmill/bike, get a ”workout” in, check that box, and control every other variable along the way but where is the fun or difficulty in that?

I rolled back into the stadium with 2 min to spare to see the other two pax had just finished their workout and we headed out together. After all was said and done YHC got 5 miles in while the sandbag crew got 1.75 along with 400yds of bag throws.

Prayers: Humpback and Manziel along with their families.

YHC prayed us out