Here You Go, Karma

Here You Go, Karma

Workout Date:



Brown Bag


Soft Shell, Karma (AOQ), Surf-n-Turf, Butch, Methane, Blooper, Brown Bag QIC

The Thang:



The other day YHC texted Karma reminding him to turn the green cells white on the Q-Sheet. He replied, “You’re Freed To Lead this Friday.”. YHC thought, “Good Answer” and replied, “So Be It”.


Time to plan… YHC decided that The Oyster PAX should get a taste of the World-Class DJ Equipment paired with the unmatched playlist creation. The tennis courts at Fuller Park will be perfect. The plan was to pull in early, leave the speaker at the courts and then drive to the imaginary shovel flag.


SIDE NOTE: The Oyster needs a SHOVEL FLAG!!!


When YHC pulled up to the tennis courts the plan changed. Instead of leaving the speaker here, it was decided just to leave the transport vehicle here and mosey to the imaginary shovel flag.


This new plan worked out perfectly as YHC mosey’d up and arrived at 0527. Some pleasantries were exchanged with the PAX and at 0530 the proper disclaimer was shared and we got to business.


We needed to get warm…


One minute of High Knees with the Down call for Burpees



20 IW IC

20 Tempo Squats IC


YHC Recited F3’s Mission

20 LBAC in Reverse IC

We shared 4 of the 5 Core Principles

20 Cherry Pickers IC

20 Air Press in Squat Position IC


Mosey to the Tennis Courts 

During the Mosey we shared the 5th Core Principle 


The PAX were surprised to find YHC’s transport vehicle at the courts. YHC grabbed the speaker, the mobile device, and the readers. The World-Class DJ Equipment was set up on a bench and play was pushed on the long-ago created F3 Welcome To The Gloom Playlist.


4 Corners Time

Round 1


Corner 1

25 LBC’s

Mosey to

Corner 2

25 Bobby Hurley’s

Mosey to

Corner 3 

25 BBSU’s

Mosey to

Corner 4

25 Merkins

Mosey back to Corner 1 and Plank on the 6


Round 2


Corner 1

20 LBC’s

Tin Soldier to

Corner 2

20 Bobby Hurley’s

Mosey to

Corner 3 

20 BBSU’s

Tin Soldier to

Corner 4

20 Merkins

Mosey back to Corner 1 and Plank on the 6


Round 3


Corner 1

15 LBC’s

Backward Mosey to

Corner 2

15 Bobby Hurley’s

Backward Mosey to

Corner 3 

15 BBSU’s

Backward Mosey to

Corner 4

15 Merkins

Backward Mosey back to Corner 1 and Plank on the 6

As The Wanton Song from Physical Graffiti came on YHC asked if anyone could name the song. Led Zeppelin was correct but no one knew the song. It is a rocker!


Round 4

Corner 1

10 LBC’s

Bear Crawl to

Corner 2

10 Bobby Hurley’s

Mosey to

Corner 3 

10 BBSU’s

Bear Crawl to

Corner 4

10 Merkins

Mosey back to Corner 1 and Plank on the 6


Mosey’d back to the imaginary shovel flag


Mary time


20 American Hammers IC

20 Flutters IC

20 Heel Touches IC Soft Shell

20 Hello Dolly’s IC Karma

10 Supermans SC Surf-n-Turf




Count-o-rama 7

Gratitude Share





April 16th at 0515 – The Closing of The Village AO Location


April 17th at 0900 – “Cycle for 374” – 37.4-mile ride to Honor Hightower


April 20th at 0515 – The Opening of The Village at Doug Shaw Stadium


April 30th – May 2nd – GrowRuck 22 GrandStrand


May 12th – FreedToBleed with Contest – Check Slack!



Methane’s mother Susan – She is in ICU at MUSC



YHC Prayed us out




Really, really, really enjoy The Oyster. So glad that F3 Grand Strand has so many incredible AO’s to choose from. YHC has decided that the absolute best AO in the Nation is the one you post at in the gloom!


Soft Shell – Gets out and puts in the work. Mark your calendars!!! 2nd F lunch on April 8th is at his fine establishment!


Karma – Always ready and raring to go! F3 is blessed to have such a HIM leading the charge at The Oyster!


Surf-n-Turf – Great Attitude, Great Energy, Great Form, and an all-around Great Dude!


Butch – The Newbie. This young man is bought in!


Methane – YHC thinks he appreciated the playlist. Naming off the bands as we rocked and rolled. Felt bad that Ratt had to be cut off to head back!


Blooper – this HIM is put together, leading the pack with perfect form. YHC pictures him in a suit and tie for his day job!


Honored and blessed!


Brown Bag


Over and out


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