Hey Freaks . . . 7 in 60 before 8

Hey Freaks . . . 7 in 60 before 8

Workout Date:



Poe, SkidKong, Hamburglar, Quaker (YHC)


Poe, SkidKong, Hamburglar, Quaker

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 53 degrees, dry

Hey Freaks! 4 Hukamaniacs agreed to a Long Run this morning. SkidKong tweeted out the invite yesterday for Pax to join him for 5-7 miles in the Gloom, however, YHC only heard 7 miles (heck we run over 5+ on Fridays, so we have to go longer on Sundays). Hamburglar locked down the route and the start time.

When YHC arrived at the Hulk, Hamburglar was slipping out of his flip-flops and into his running shoes (Picture Mr Rodgers with a shaved head sitting on the back bumper of a Volvo XC 90). As YHC stepped out into the cool air, SkidKong and Poe simultaneously walked into the parking lot, as Hamburglar took time to inspect an axe that he keeps in the car (#BusinessAsUsusal).

Because the temps were in the low 50’s, the Pax were sporting a variety of leg gear to keep warm. Poe chose shorts, SkidKong wore knee length tights, Hamburglar used full-length tights, and YHC had sweatpants. It was one of those morning where no one felt completely confident in their selection. Only time would tell who (if anyone) chose wisely.

6:44 – One Minute Warning (Looking for ERC to post)

6:45 – Lets GO!!

The route would be the “Big Loop”(which doesn’t seem so big any more) down Frontage Road, on to a dirt service road, into the Grande Dunes, onto Marina Parkway, then along the newly paved Intercoastal Run Path, past the YMCA, and back to the Hulk. This loop included 2 bridges and plenty of rolling hills with a variety of elevation changes.

As we ran, we talked. We talked about GrowRuck, we talked about the Turkey Trot, we talked about cover songs, we talked about one hit wonders, we talked about MMA, we talked about dream MC jobs 😊. We talked a lot which is a great indicator of our increased fitness. Our conversational pace was around 8:25, which is a full minute improvement from last year as noted by Hamburglar.

7:45 – Time Called

The Numbers: 7.25 miles; 8:24 average pace

Moleskin: Running is a great way to accelerate your fitness! If you’re thinking about trying something new or if you’ve been MIA recently, its time to come out and join in the fun!! To verify our improvement, YHC took a trip in the ‘Wayback Machine” and reviewed a B.B. for 9/1/2017 (“Not to Touch the Earth, Not to See the Sun, Nothing Left to Do but Run, Run, Run”) our Numbers then were 8.2 miles with a 9.2 average pace! Note: this was not a ‘conversational pace’- we were pushing hard and breathing heavy as we continued to prepare for the MB ½ Marathon.






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