Hide & Seek and other Hulkamania Hijinks

Hide & Seek and other Hulkamania Hijinks

Workout Date:



Hamburglar, Sunshine, Hottub, Rubber, Quaker (YHC)


Hamburglar, Sunshine, Hottub, Rubber, Quaker (YHC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: mid 60s, no precipitation (yet)

As Sunshine and YHC reclined happily on the couch after an excellent Turkey Day Feast prepared by the Turner family, we fought the aftereffects of the tryptophan and sugar high & decided right then and there that we needed to commit to a morning Hulkamania run. For if we waited any longer the sandman and/or gluttony of the day would prevail and stymie our Friday morning ritual.

Sunshine sent a text to the regular runners and some wayward PAX to see who would step up & hard commit. Hottub & Hamburglar immediately HC’d, while Skidmark weighed his 5:15 options. Even DR PAX Ralph Lauren may be a surprise post in the Gloom. The rest of the PAX were hiding and remained silent.

YHC was first to arrive, however, the inner struggle to this morning was real and Sunshine noted the disappointment on my face when he pulled in next to me at the Hulk lot.

Sunshine stepped out & completely read my mind, “You were hoping no one would show, so you could turn around and go home!” Yup, that summed up my psyche. The bottomline, however, is that YHC was here and needed the accountability.

Next to arrive was Hottub who also was not 100% sure he made the right choice. After all, he announced that his colon has not been released in 3 days. This could be dangerous for the upcoming run & he may have to seek the facilities on the fly. Hamburglar then arrived and had no doubt why he was here. When asked, “Do you want to go for coffee, instead?” Hamburglar could not hide his anger at this line of questioning and said, “H*ll No!” The man was here to run, and like it or not so were the rest of us.

At the one-minute warning, YHC cranked the music and we set our watches. With 30 seconds to ‘go time’, Rubber came rumbling in to complete the PAX. The weather was warm with flashes of lightening in the distance and if the weather app could be trusted, the rain would not begin until shortly after 6 a.m. Plenty of time to get the run in before the wet stuff commenced.

Hamburglar & Rubber led the way as we discussed our Thanksgiving festivities from the previous day. The pace was upbeat because we all over-indulged yesterday. By the time we passed the YMCA, Rubber & Hamburglar were about 20 yrds in front of YHC and Sunshine and Hotub were 10 yrds behind. After crossing Bypass 17, Rubber dropped back a little as Hamburglar led us though the Village gate to an empty AO. Where were the Village PAX?  The only sign of the PAX was the Shovel Flag flying proudly in the big lot. Apparently, the Village PAX were seeking other avenues of pain as they ran through downtown MB!

Unbeknownst to YHC as I ran through the Village, Shovel Flag Shannigans were underway as Hamburlar & Rubber found a sought out a new location to plant the flag (where did the Shovel Flag go??). Because of the Hamburglar’s hijinks, the running formation was shuffled & as YHC left the AO he now found himself 20 yrds behind Hottub and Sunshine with Hamburglar & Rubber brought up the rear.

At the first intersection on 65th Avenue, Hottub disappeared behind a road sign. Was nature calling or did Hottub just need to catch his breath? . . . Neither, it was payback time!

Some months ago, Rubber scared the bejesus out of Hottub by banging on a stop sign when Hottub ran by, now it was Hottub’s turn to see if he could scare Rubber.

YHC and Sunshine were now in the lead and kept pushing forward so that Hottub’s trap could be sprung. Unfortunately, when Hottub jumped out from behind the sign, Rubber barely batted an eye and never broke stride. Its gonna take a lot more than a shriek from behind a sign to startle this this PAX!! Better luck next time my friend!

Sunshine and YHC were first to reach the beach, then we turned around for the return trip home. Sunshine kept up a solid pace as YHC was over-taken by Hamburglar. Rubber & Hottub kept a steady pace from the six.

After crossing Bypass 17 once more, Hambuglar took the pole position. There was some trepidation swirling around YHC’s head as we ran up and over the bridge because although it was not raining, the Lightening strikes were coming closer. YHC has heard that more people die each year by getting struck by falling coconuts then by lightening, however, being the highest point in MB as we ran across the bridge was not comforting! No lightening struck as we crossed the apex of the bridge and the running order remained constant as we ran down the bridge, sprinted down frontage road, & crossed the finish line back at the Hulk.

6:00 am – Time Called

The Numbers: 5.44 miles; 8:25 pace

Short goodbyes and we were off to our respective homes.

Moleskin: Solid group of PAX who push themselves this morning. No better feeling then getting back out in the gloom after an evening of gluttony. T-Claps to Weasel & Castaway for playing along, too! Till next time #SYITG



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