Higher Ground

Higher Ground

Workout Date:





BrownBag, Flash, Sleepy, Karma, SurfNTurf, Headgear

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: 50 degrees, Clear

1 minute warning



SSH x25 IC

HighKnees x25 IC

Merkins x10 OYO

TTT x20 IC

Stretch L-R-C

Windmills x 15 IC

Merkins x10 OYO

Mosey to the bridge with some debate about who played guitar on the Red Hot Chili Peppers Higher Ground track.

Merkins x22 OYO

Bear Crawl to top of bridge.  Crawl Bear down.

At this point, White Tees came up on my soundtrack…this is a new one I added for Fergie but he wasn’t here today.  Think along the lines of Thunderstruck or Flower (Bring Sally Up)…lot of repetition in this one so we did a burpee on every “white tee”.   It was a lot of burpees and I don’t think we all really kept up but it was good.

Mosey across Farrow.  Jailbreak down the Valor Park sidewalk to corner of Nevers St and Howard St.

Merkins x22

Mosey to corner in front of Gordon Biersch.

Jailbreak to the red brick.

Jailbreak to the end of the red brick.

Indian run around the block: Howard-Reed-DeVille-Nevers-> Howard and Reed.

Recovery Walk to the planter space in front of Cold Stone and partner up for Doras:

100 Derkins using the short wall

200 LBCs

300 Step-ups (single count)

Partner to run to front of Brass Tap and back.

Mosey down DeVille to Nevers.

Circle up and plank.  Each PAX will take 20-30 seconds to answer the question: How did you get to F3 and what does F3 mean to you?

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag.

YHC had to wrap up early so was ready for CoT and gave PAX the choice to continue on or wrap up.

Karma stepped up to add 40 Flutter Kicks.


Freed to Bleed Part 2: December 30 -1100-1700- Same Location – Find it on the redcrossblood.org site (it will be branded iHeart Radio)

Ugly Christmas Sweater Convergence – Dec 19 0700 at BombSquad

Check Slack for possible Thanksgiving Flag Football at Warthog

Plantation Lakes Turkey Trot – sign up or volunteer to help or both.  Boot camp to be held as warmup at Plantation Lakes.

GrowRuck is in full effect with Grand Strand as host region.  Other regions are involved in making this happen.  Sign up today!  Event is April 30-May 2nd.

Disconnect will graduate BMT on Wed – His M has a banner available to sign

Prayers: Spoken and Unspoken

YHC hasn’t Q’d in over a month due to current circumstances.  Glad to be back amongst my brothers!  Thank you for showing up and thank you for the opportunity to lead!




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