Hightower Memorial

Hightower Memorial

Workout Date:



5k - PAX, WOD - Hoser, OneCall, Weasel, Valvano


Quaker, Mrs. Doubtfire, HotTub & M, Huey, Breadcrumbs, HandyManny (w/ 2.0s), Boxcar, Bling, Beefsteak, OneCall, Pikachu, Penelope, Valvano, Beaker, Flop(R), Hoser, Fergie, Crocket (FNG), Tubbs (FNG 2.0), Rousey, KingJames (2.0), Kiwi(Rx2) & M, Billboard & M, Weasel, Snookie (Kotter), HighInterest (Kotter), DGAF (FNG, R), Manziel (R), Headgear

The Thang:


Conditions: Perfect.  63 degrees and clear.

PAX, Ms, 2.0s and friends gathered at Warthog on Forbus Ct to remember our fallen brother, Officer Jacob Hancher, known in the gloom as Hightower.  Officer Hancher passed away on 10-03-2020 when he was ambushed while responding to a domestic disturbance call serving our community as a Myrtle Beach Police Officer.  He was only 23 years old.  We gathered today to speak his name, look to the example he set and to remember him.

First F Q, Valvano, mapped out a perfect 5k course suitable for runners, ruckers and walkers.  10 PAX showed up at 0515 to ruck the course and mark off the turns with chalk; Valvano, Huey, Hoser, Bling, Boxcar, BeefSteak, Kiwi, Breadcrumbs, Flop and YHC.   Weasel showed up late and claims he ran 3.5 miles missing the freshly and clearly marked arrows.

0630 – After a brief intro and a prayer by HandyManny, the PAX were off into the gloom, some running, some walking and some rucking.  A few flags were carried along the way.  Drivers observing and at least one MBPD officer honked in support.  Manziel turned on the jets and finished first. Handy Manny was pushing about 10 kids in a stroller and word is he still came in top 3.  KingJames was up there too.   YHC was towards the back with Breadcrumbs (this is how he got his name…or gave himself that name…) so there was no vantage point to really see who finished first.  Kiwi, his M, Billboard with his M and Daisy their dog (who knew a beagle could walk 5k) finished up with a few PAX going to pick up the 6.

Some PAX had to leave at this point but the rest of us went on the complete the Hightower WOD.  This WOD was a creation of Penelope and our GrowRuck Cadre during GrowRuck 22 (GTE22).  The PAX of GTE22 completed this WOD on the field at Warthog at about 0200 or so with our red headlamps on.  We were already smoked while Penelope, Bling, OneCall and Lombardi led us through this beatdown.  It was very emotional and there wasn’t a dry eye on that field.

Today, we got started a little late at 0733 with a brief intro, disclaimer and some words from HandyManny, who EH’d Hightower and knew him best.  What is common about anything ever said about Hightower is that he was always ready to help you and even ready to show up at your house when you needed a hand with just about anything.  His smile is another thing that is often brought up…he was always smiling and enjoying life.  There is also a rumor that he would jam out to Taylor Swift.

Hoser, OneCall, Weasel and Valvano led the beatdown today:

SSH x100 IC

FlutterKicks x100 IC

LBCs x100 IC

Burpees x74 IC

25 reps at a time in a rotating fashion.  374 Reps for Badge 374.


FNGs were named:

Crockett – Local LEO EH’d by Rousey.

Tubbs – Crockett’s 2.0

DGAF – Retired NJ LEO and Retired Marine.  Doesn’t give a flip what we call him.   EH’d by HighInterest.

A couple of confused Marine recruits joined us for a couple of rounds of the Hightower WOD but left before COT to join the other Marine recruits for some training.

Prayers by OneCall

This is how we remember and how we pay tribute.  Officer Jacob Hancher. Badge 374.  EOW 3 Oct 2020.


Matthew 5:9

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.


Jeremiah 20:11

But the Lord is with me, like a mighty warrior.


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