Hit the Ground Running!!

Hit the Ground Running!!

Workout Date:





Hottub (AOQ), Skimmer, El Red Cardo, Quaker (YHC), Rubber, Flyover(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 82 degrees . . . perfect

The night before, the call went out for HC and 5 PAX immediately responded, Great!! Hulkamania has been consistently attended by 7 or more PAX each week, so 5 HCs put us right on track for solid numbers.  YHC arrived earlier, then Flyover & Hottub rolled in. Skimmer was next into the lot followed by Rubber at the 1 Minute Warning.

As Rubber approached, he jokingly asked, “Where’s Turner? He kept texting me to be here last night.” Although we were happy that Rubber would be running with us in the Gloom, we had to inform him that Turner aka Sunshine just texted Hottub that he would not be able to attend (Sore from IronPAX week 0??). It was curious how Sunshine was able to text Rubber numerous times last night, however, this morning the text went out to Hottub. Is there trouble in Bromanceville for Rubber & Sunshine?? Stay tuned. Apparently, this was not the first time, nor will it be the last time Sunshine stands Rubber up. #LoveIsBlind

Besides Sunshine’s early morning absence, there was another notable No Show: Skidmark a.k.a King Kong!!! Skidmark claimed that he was sabotaged by technology! #ItsNotMyFault. Some how his alarm was set for the p.m. not the a.m. Really?

Hamburglar choose not to run from his problems today, either, and made up some lame excuse that he needed to lead BeachBells, like he’s the AOQ or something!

Even with these 3 veteran runners missing, the PAX count was at 6, we needed just 1 more PAX to post to meet our magic number of 7, however, as the seconds ticked by, it became apparent that we would be down 1 PAX today.

Besides being a PAX down, the real problem was that the missing PAX also had the headlamps!! Where’s Backdraft when you need him? His headlamp has enough lumins to light up a city block!! But he claims he pulled calf or something like that. (#excuses/excuses). NOTE: Handy broke a local ½ marathon record last year for SpeedForNeed even though he tore his calf muscle 1 mile into the race!!

Well the one man with the headlamp is the leader of those who wander in the dark!! Flyover we dub thee Q for the run . . . lead the way!

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:14:30 – Mandatory Stretching

5:15 – Silent Disclaimer


Down Frontage Road, then left onto Col. Bob Bell Path (CBBP) and up Mt Zeb. Across the water way and down the other side of the Bridge we stayed on CBBP (No left turn by Barc Parc) and into the “Grove”. One head lamp was kinda sketchy during this stretch, not only could we not avoid the early morning spiderwebs, but it was hard to see the security posts and holes in the path, too! As the PAX exited the trees, we headed north, paralleling Bypass 17.

At the intersection of 62nd Avenue N, our Q had to make a split-second decision: Should we cross the highway and run pass The Village out to the ocean, or should we turn left into the neighbor hoods? Flyover chose the Hood. We later found out that it may have been nice to run to The Village because Brown Bag had a solo Q (What’s up with Fridays at The Village!! . . .this is unacceptable!!). Anyways, we ran west on 62nd Avenue N to Marina Parkway. At Marina Parkway we turned left and ran just shy of the first turnabout. It was 22 minutes into our run and time to turn and burn back to the Hulk.

Instead of running completely back the way we came, we turned right off of 62nd Avenue N. onto Clair Chapin Epps Drive heading towards the YMCA. At the entrance of the YMCA we turned left on to the path that runs past the Barc Parc and intersects CBBP. At CBBP we turned right again. At the base of Mt Zeb we sprinted to the top of the bridge, then cruised down the other side fed by gravity.

When CBBP intersected Frontage Road, the PAX turned right once more and sprinted 300 yards back to the Hulk!!

Time Called!!

Time: 42 minutes

Distance: 4.8 miles

Pace: 8:35 – 9:30

Announcements: Humidity was missed today. . .It is better to train in the heat & humidy because it makes the MiniMarathon easier!

Prayers led by Rubber . . .spoken & unspoken



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