How many kotters/FNGs???

How many kotters/FNGs???

Workout Date:





Crankbait, Single Barrel, Valvano, Headgear, Jiffy Lube (FNG Kevin G.), Baywatch (Kotter), Snookie (Kotter), Godiva (FNG Blaine W.), Balloons (Kotter), Skimmer (RESPECT), Gaucho (FNG Neto M.), Humpback, O'Douls, Pikachu, Rocky Top (Kotter), The Choice, Quaker, Brown Bag (RESPECT), OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Warm in the 70’s

Well, I wanted to obey Rousey and get on his Catapult Q sheet.  Boom, no Rousey.  Thursdays are his day off!  But there were 18 other #HIM ready to get after it.  T-Claps to my #Shieldlock team for making the trek to post here instead of #Warthog like usual.  And I was super excited to see 2 FNG’s and 3 #Kotters we have been working on!  Plus Rocky Top as a #Kotter for another team and then another FNG from Brown Bag!!!!   The #ShieldLockChallenge is bringing out everyone’s best efforts to EH EH EH!!!!  Let’s keep that rolling strong and not just during the challenge.  Sure sure, the points are important to win a competition and therefore earn eternal bragging rights.  BUT, more importantly, is getting these #kotters back out.  Remind them WHY they NEED the F3 Brotherhood!!  And as important, is introducing F3 to the FNGs.  They don’t realize they are #sadclowns, but they are, and like Stallone said in one of the greatest movies ever – COBRA! (you younger guys can google it) – “You’re the disease, and I’m the cure” before he decimates tons of punks!  [*You’re being “sadclownism”, and I’m being “F3”].  Today, we decimated tons of fat cells!!!!

Image result for stallone cobra

Anyhow, I had a zillion weinkes in mind, but with the hope for new guys, #kotters, the #Catapult regulars, and some other dudes, YHC thought an old weinke of mine with Tabata would be good.  I asked Rousey (again, not present) prior to today if anyone had Q’d Tabata there.  He said he thought so – in March.  Well that was 6 months ago.  So I found a fun little app, and planned a 40 minute Tabata beatdown to push EVERYONE!  Leaving some time for Warmup with good old Mission and core components thrown in!!!  We modified it slightly…

Everyone knows Tabata by this point.  20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.  8 rounds.  4 minutes of work per exercise.  If you push yourself, you will smoke yourself.  From looking around, and the texts and other messages I received, everyone did!!!

I gave a 1 minute warning and then we planked to give the disclaimer and some F3 information.
Did 22 Merkins – #22Kills – in single count cadence
SSH x 20 IC
LBAC x 10 IC forward
Talked about the 5 core principles of F3!!
– Free
– Open to all men 18+ regardless of fitness level – we don’t care where you were when you got here, we won’t leave you there!
– Outside hot or cold, rain or shine
– Led on a peer rotating basis by men with no needed certification or training – we don’t clipboard, we lead from the front or the rear – wherever we are needed – F3 is a leadership organization
– All workouts end with a COT
LBAC backwards x 15 IC
Cherry pickers x 20 IC

Now that all were well-versed in F3!!!!!  Tabata time!

Here were our exercises:

Bent over rows
Squats – use coupon or not, alternate, some were overhead holding it!!  #Strong
Flutters – hold coupon, press coupon, or not
Shoulder Press – full ROM!
Lunges – use coupon or not, alternate, again – some were overhead holding it!!  #Beasts
L ups
Somewhere in here Brown Bag told me his FNG needed to jet right at 0615, so to respect everyone’s time and get him named, I ended Tabata and did 20 IC Tricep Extensions
LBCs were the final exercise we left off


Seriously great great push by everyone!!  Guys were blasting themselves hard.  Saw excellent form (mostly).


Count-O-Rama – 19!!!  3 FNGs; 4 Kotters!
Gaucho – born and raised in Brazil!  Cool accent.  Baywatch and Jiffy Lube had some chatter going on in Portugese?  I just heard OneCall and SEXY.  Not sure the rest
Godiva – runs 5-6 miles a day by himself (glad he found F3!!!) – Forrest Gump, Forrest…box of chocolates…Godiva
Jiffy Lube – a very talented mechanic as YHC can attest to!
Prayer request – Families, marriages – Crankbait’s Brother in particular
Prayer request – Quaker friend Stage IV cancer and family
Prayer requests upspoken

– You Kotters and FNGs – keep coming!!!!  Check the schedule!!!  BC, Run group, Kettlebells on Fridays!!
– Thank you to the guys that helped me unload the coupons and then load em up and deliver em for permanent relocation from my woods to the AO!  The M will be happy!
– I had a blast today and am feeling that beatdown!!  Hope everyone else did too!!!


  • #ShieldLockChallenge going strong.  Keep it up!!!
  • Ruck or Run the mini-marathon in MB!!!  Sunday, October 20



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