How much was Soto’s sandbag?

How much was Soto’s sandbag?

Workout Date:





Bling, Valvano, Headgear, Kiwi (RESPECT), Disconnected, Turn & Cough, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

High 60’s; pleasant

Ahhhh….0430 on Wednesdays.  Our time to do some ruck stuff for 90 minutes!  Had a plan to use some Halloween based ideas, and then modified slightly based on those present!

Wasn’t sure who was gonna show as chatter was light.  Made a request for sandbags and heard nothing.  I knew I’d have 2 of mine, Bling would have his, Valvano should have his, Lombardi, Hoser, all the regulars.  Well, we had a mish mosh today and it was AWESOME!  We did miss our regulars and hope to see them soon!  Kiwi!!!!  RESPECT!!!  Made what he said was his first #WaverRucker appearance.  I know he was at our Invasion Ruck and several other rucks, but maybe his 1st official Wednesday am appearance.  Regardless, he DOMINATED this morning!!!!   More details later.  Disconnected a steady now getting ready for the USAF.  TNC out all the time getting leaner and meaner and meaner and meaner (well, depending on what topic we bring up – BABY SHARK!).  Then the “Best Team” Shieldlock team there in full force with a new sandbag addition from Headgear.  He says it is 50 lbs.  Told everyone multiple times too.   It was from the firefighter guy that makes them.  Long and skinny.  Like Valvano.  Headgear said he climbed up a ladder and used a luggage scale to weigh it!  No pictures tho.  No proof. It felt like 46 lbs.

Anyhow, 1 minute warning, disclaimer, let’s get bags to the bridge (4 bags – 50ish, 60, 60 and 80).  Greet FiA.  They always stop in their tracks and just stare at Bling.

At the track.  We have 31 minutes for 2 full laps.  This is where the modifications came in as I was thinking based on our group – treat this like a GORUCK time hack – since several of our guys haven’t done an event, why not get some of that loving in there!?  So, named TNC the TL for this movement.  2.2 miles; 31 minutes.  Gauge your men and move/mosey/double time when needed.   Punishment if you miss; happiness and joy if you make it.  Valvano was dying to know what would happen if we missed.   No faith in his Brothers!!!  Of course, he normally rucks sub 13 minutes so he wasn’t worried.

All I can say is that Turn put the men through 2 decent length moseys and we crushed the time hack!!!  By about 18 seconds.  Which is moving!  Everyone did AWESOME.  Strong pace, strong encouragement, strong work!!!

So, the reward it was.   Round of PT – rewards throughout – whatever you choose – just use PERFECT FORM

  1. Merkins – 31 OYO – reward – feel free to do without ruck. Most did with, or a combo
  2. Squats – 31 OYO – reward – feel free to do without ruck. Most did with, or a combo
  3. Curls – 31 OYO – had to be done with ruck
  4. Flutters – 31 IC – reward – either don’t use ruck or just hold ruck.  If you don’t want reward, press ruck too
  5. Up and Overs – 31 OYO – reward was to 26 only (13+13)
  6. Lunges – 31 OYO – reward – feel free to do without ruck. Most did with, or a combo
  7. Tricep extensions or skull crushers – 31 OYO – had to be done with ruck
  8. LBCs – 31 OYO with ruck
  9. CDD’s – 31 OYO – feel free to do without ruck. Most did.  LOL.  Disconnected tried with and got bopped in the head
  10. Thrusters – 13 OYO into…
  11. OH Press – 13 OYO
  12. Ruck on feet holding them, proper BBSU’s.  Reward, if you wanted, 13 perfect, then halfa** (or do em like most PAX do by cheating them), the rest
  13. Ruck get-ups x 2 each side

Gotta say, this was hard and the MEN dominated each exercise!!

Next, Kiwi – TL – 1st time – jump right in!  We have to get the sandbags around the lake and back to the vehicles.  There may or may not be allowable shortcuts.  Let’s roll.  Started strong, plan I had was for 1 more bag than needed for even swaps so 1 PAX had to get in double carry time.  Everyone swapped evenly and helped each other out.  Kiwi did phenomenal with his stint as TL.   Encouraged everyone.  Made sure guys were swapping and feeling good.   As we rounded the lake, Bling suggested we take Forbus as the shortcut.  Kiwi showing strong leadership told him to go f, wait, no he didn’t.  He just gently said not a good idea, the cadre may punish us for that.  So we used the full lake.  Forbus was the allowable shortcut.  LOL!  But, and I made this point.  Good leaders oftentimes lead by following.  Bling with his million GORUCK events could have easily been a jerk and argued or tried to force his point. Instead, he listened to the TL and carried on with his ever-sweet personality.  All PAX followed suit.  Kiwi lead strongly with a solid explanation of why he was turning Bling’s suggestion down and on we went!  That’s leadership on all fronts.  Soto cussed everyone out.  In english since he doesn’t know spanish.  JK.  We kept moving, Bling tried to sneak the other shortcut around FiA – this time without even making the suggestion to anyone – he just started wandering that way….YHC had to get him back as that was not an allowable shortcut.  This he did complaint about!  But if I don’t get at least 1 Bling complaint a day, it feels like an incomplete day.  #F3Wife.  We finished back at the vehicles in 22 minutes.  Incredible!!!!  That 80 lber will slow the group down, but not by much today!

We had 8 minutes of awesome stretching and then called TIME!

Count-O-Rama – 7
Prayer requests for Disconnected and his USAF enlistment
Prayer requests for Kiwi’s Niece and family – 1 year ago tomorrow she passed away in a car accident – peace and comfort
Prayer requests upspoken

– Had a great time guys!  I am beat!


  • CCU Football per Bling – Saturday November 30.  FREE tix!  Cookout, tailgate, etc.  M and 2.0 friendly!  If you have a large portable grill, let Bling know ASAP – ALSO, send OneCall a DM or text or email with YOUR email if you are attending.  We need numbers and per Bling we are setting up an online potlock thing!
  • 5th Annual Christmas party – details coming from High Interest and/or Sunshine!  December 7 at Waterway Palms clubhouse right now.


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