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Hoser, Fergie, Castaway, Valvano, Tiny Dancer, Bling, Lombardi, OneCall, SpinalTap, Headgear(QIC)

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AO: WaveRucker

Conditions: Clear. 39 degrees.  Big change from yesterday’s 60 degrees but not negative temps like PAX elsewhere are facing..and posting in.

It was my turn to Q WaveRucker and it is extremely hard to follow up on the last several WaveRucker Qs and recent GrowRuck22 training.  Valvano, OneCall, Bling and Hoser know how to bring a cadre like Q and make things suck.  Several of us were on a GrowRuck Muster call the other day and Grisham (Carpex) talked about the running they had to do in the last GrowRuck.  This had caught them off guard because they had not really been training to run at all.  Well, why not help our PAX prepare for something like this so we will carry heavy stuff, move fast, drop heavy stuff and run.

10 PAX.  Keep 6 sandbags…mostly 60s.  Not really sure what was in all of them as some felt heavier than others.   Some PAX packed heavy rucks for today with Valvano taking the crown for weighing out at 54 lbs.

Sandbag and ruck up.  PAX have 20 minutes to get to the planes at Warbird Park.  Switch out sandbags as needed.  This is about 1.3 miles.  We were moving swiftly and just made the time hack.  PAX were rewarded with 20 squats and the ability to drop their sandbags AND rucks for the next leg.

PAX will run to the beach at Springmaid Pier in 10 minutes or less.  PAX made the .8 miles in just over 8 minutes.  Reward was to lay on our backs in the sand staring at the sky, listening to the waves…and 40 flutter kicks in cadence.

Back to our feet.  Walk the parking lot and run back to our rucks and sandbags.  Feeling generous so PAX were given 10 minutes to do this and they crushed it.  OneCall asked for some Box Breathing since we were all huffing and puffing at this point so why not.  I led the PAX through several rounds of 4 count box breathing and now that we were all namaste and relaxed, we grabbed our rucks and sandbags to get to the lower level of the large parking deck within 20 minutes.  Switch sandbags as needed.  PAX easily made this time hack in about 18.5 minutes.  The reward was to stretch.

This is not just any stretch but the “couch stretch”.  1 minute each position for 4 total positions.  I won’t detail it here but you can look it up.  This stretched the hip flexors and hurts but like Rousey says, Good Pain, Bad Pain.  This is good pain.  This is where the most complaining happened.  These PAX will run, carry heavy stuff, crawl through mud and goose crap but this stretching thing was way out of bounds for these guys but we got through it.

Picked up our rucks for 30 overhead press and hold.

Ruck up and Sandbag up for the last leg back up Farrow to Forbus and back to the AO.  10 minutes til 0600 and we made it right on time.


Announcements: Stay tuned for March 2nd FreedtoBleed location update.   Sign up for 2/27 ruck training 0400-0800.

Prayers: Spoken and Unspoken.

We were breathing hard which was the goal.  Everyone pushed hard.  We got about 5 miles in total. Some of this is running stuff is out of the comfort zone for some PAX but then again carrying rucks, sandbags and heavy stuff is out of the comfort zone for others.  It’s always good to “get comfortable being uncomfortable.”   Really though, as humans, we were made to run AND made to carry heavy stuff.  Long ago, we had to hunt and would outrun our prey because we could run longer and then we would have to carry it back.  We have it easy now but we are built to do work and its good to push ourselves when we can and the PAX of F3 GrandStrand and F3 Nation are doing that just about every day!  Across North and South Carolina, we have PAX from 14 regions signed up and training for GrowRuck22.  62 PAX in total.   13 from F3 GrandStrand and another 8-10 HCs and another 10+ that should sign up for this amazing F3 leadership weekend.  The Cadre are lined up and we are in for a treat!

Great work today.  We still have work to do so keep getting after it!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead!

-Headgear out!!!

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