I Hate Running

I Hate Running

Workout Date:





Lombardi, Wolverine, Stewey, Varsity, Hoser

The Thang:

Conditions: 37 and clear

SSH x 20 IC
Windmill x 15 IC
Spiderman x 15 IC
Arm Circles etc x 15 IC

The Thang:
Mosey to Forbus for a Run, Work, and Carry Stuff Combo
Coupons: 55lb Sandbag, 25lb Kettle Bell, and 30lb Bricks
Explanation:  Each round will consist of a trip down Forbus with excercises at each light pole.  10 at first, 20 at second, 30 at third, and 40 at final.  All weight must be moved each round unless otherwise noted.  Jog back to start point.
Round 1:  Merkins (either Ierkin or Derkin on the curb)
Round 2: Squats
Round 3: Two Count Bicycle Crunches (no weight included)
Round 4: Calf raises on the curb

Mosey to picnic tables
Flutter kicks x 15 IC
Box Cutter x 15 IC
Reverse Box Cutter x 15 IC (Hoser called)
LBC x 25 oyo (Varsity called)
Big boy situps x 10 (Stewey called)
Pretzel Crunches x 20 IC (Lombardi called)
?????? (Wolverine called but I can’t remember what it was)
1 minute high plank followed directly by 1 minute low plank

As always I appreciate the opportunity to lead.


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