I like Big Blocks and I cannot lie… you other Paxes can’t deny!

I like Big Blocks and I cannot lie… you other Paxes can’t deny!

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Judge Judy


O’Douls, Crabs, Laces, Killington, Crop Duster, Sprinkles, Elmers, Karma, Hard Hat, Bob the Builder, Franklin, Bodette, Butch, Surf and Turf, Skimmer, Rocky Top, Hedge Hog, Judge Judy (Q)

The Thang:

We had a pleasant surprise today as 7 Pax showed up from the Oyster in Surfside so we had a large head count of 18.

38 degrees, clear and pleasant conditions. 1 minute warning then started with a welcome and disclaimer. Recited the mission of F3 and then asked the Paxes the 5 core principles of F3 which was recited by different Paxes.


Grabbing Grass- 20 count in cadence

Cross Country Skier- 20 count in cadence

Downhill skier- 20 count in cadence

Windmill- 15 count in cadence

Little Baby Arm Circles- 15 count in cadence

Lilly Babies in reverse- 15 count in cadence

We then mosied around the church for a short lap around the Church to the block pile.


We went to the side large parking lot and lined up against the fence.

5 different block exercises in 1 circuit with 10 reps each.

10 reps each of Clean and Press, Curls, alternating hand on block merkins, squats and one arm bent over rows.

Once the 5 exercise block circuit was done then we farmer carried the block across the parking lot and back to our starting point. Then a small lap around the baseball field while stopping at the bleachers and doing 25 step ups and 20 dips.

We did 4 rounds of the block exercises, farmer carry and lap around the field (stopping at bleachers to do 25 step ups and 20 dips).

After 4 rounds there was 10 minutes left.

Circle of Trust-

Finished with 3 ab exercises

scissor kicks- 25 count in cadence

hello Dolly- 20 count in cadence

American Hammer- 15 count in cadence

count-o-roma- 18 Pax


announcements- free to bleed, 3 year Catapult anniversary coming up, VQ for Crop Duster

Finished with a prayer

It was again an honor to lead my 2nd F3 Q. F3 is a special group and a special group of guys and I am honored to be a part of it!

See you in the Gloom!


Judge Judy





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