I might have tried to kill wonton with a tire

I might have tried to kill wonton with a tire

Workout Date:





High cotton , Straplock, Magnum, Tag Team, Wonton, Bluegrass, Grasspatch, etch a sketch, mudslide

The Thang:

Conditions: 74 degrees and clear
0700: disclaimer given

Smurf jacks 20
Sumo climber 20
Spider climbers 25
Hand raising 20

Tire flip relay
Pax separated into 2 groups
1 pax from each group rans around the building in opposite directions and flip the tire to their teams station while the other pax do amrap of
5 big boy burpees
10 hand raising merkins
20 spider climbers
Continue until everyone has flipped the tire

Balls to the wall relay
Pax teamed up into pairs of two
With one pair on the barbell and tire
Pax 1 front chair squat x20
Pax 2 flip the tire until pax 1 is done
Flip flop and then rotate out with another team
The rest of the teams will be doing
Pax 1 balls to the wall
pax 2 does 10 hand raising merkins
Teams rotate until everyone has completed the tire and squat station

People’s chair relay
Same as bttw relay but replace
Bttw with people’s chair
Hr merkins with Carolina dry docks x15

Tire station
Tire flips are the same but change the squats for box jumps x20

20 heels to heaven
20 Rosalitas
20 bicycles
20 side plank reach through (10 on each side)
20 Little baby feet pumps
20 flutter kicks

Moleskin:We are bless to be a blessing not to keep it to ourselves

YHC prayed us out


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