I Swear We Are Only Doing 4

I Swear We Are Only Doing 4

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Candy Cane


Candy Cane (QIC), Tiny Dancer, Mayday, Mona Lisa, Pikachu

The Thang:

Like the title states YHC started the morning out with promising the other 4 pax that we were only doing 4 miles and taking it easy since I’m running the half marathon Sunday. Pikachu and I have been talking with Mayday for a while now trying to get him back out in the gloom after finding out he hasnt posted in nearly 4 years and to top it all off he is Lombardis nephew! After showing up to the AO and walking up to the gate 4 pax joined me and the mumblechatter began with doubts of the “all paces welcome” and distance that we have been putting in every Friday. YHC called the typical 0 min warning and just said lets go after assuring them of a 9:30 min pace and only 4 miles this morning. After 5 miles and roughly 8:50-9 min pace i think everyone had caught on that YHC had just conned them into running and once they got out there and past their own mental barriers they did it with ease. Great work was done by all and the progress made by Tiny Dancer who has even committed to 30+ miles in the P200 and Pikachu who has been putting more miles in every day is just flat out impressive. Catch you all next week for another route and some more miles.