I thought this was a boot camp

I thought this was a boot camp

Workout Date:



Candy Cane


Candy Cane (AOQ/QIC), Brown Bag (Respect), Sunshine, Hamburglar, Bubba (Respect), MudDuck

The Thang:

Conditions– Low 60s and no wind- great weather for a beatdown which to me does’nt matter because aren’t we supposed to show no matter what?

As i ran up (from my 5K prerun which i had to get in since i saw a perfect chance to really put some points on the board) to the entrance to Doug Shaw I saw two DR pax stretching and being welcomed by Hamburglar so i stopped to catch my breath and welcome them to the AO like any fellow pax should do. Once introductions were made and hearing their discussions on how they picked The Plank over Hulkamania since they wanted a bootcamp instead of a Run Day I had to break the news to them that they had picked the right AO but we were still running today and their faces were surprised but they were also accepting and rolled with it.


In true CC fashion I gave my 0 min warning and told everyone lets go!

After making it roughly 10 yards we heard the raw power of a grey Ram 1500 barreling down 33rd Ave so we immediately knew someone was late and sure enough it was Sunshine. After a quick loop back for the now 6 we were back on our way for the completely unplanned loop around the heart of Myrtle. Miles were ran and paces were figured out along the way and adjusted accordingly so no pax was left behind. 4 miles and 40 minutes later and according to DR pax Bubba what seemed like an eternity we ended up at the gates of Doug Shaw just like I planned or should I say hoped. The idea this Friday was to add another route so we dont get stuck doing the same two loops every other Friday and I’d say this was a success.




Announcements- PAX challenge, 2nd F options

Sunshine prayed us out