I would rather do 100 Burpees!

I would rather do 100 Burpees!

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Grass Patch, Hoedown, Whittle, Big Love, Little Love, Peach, Bluegrass (QIC)

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So this Q was a couple days in the making, something that F3Louisville posted a few days ago caught my eye as it was called the Board of Pain. Looking through their list of exercises it was ridiculous and looked like the most horrible thing ever brought to a beat down, so naturally like any other PAX I wanted to try it. I found an old piece of lumber and did a little work on it with a spiral saw to give it some F3GrandStrand flare and make it something the region would be proud of. Then I began to rework the list of what F3Lousivlle posted on their initial Board of Pain. Some of the exercises they had listed were ones I wasn’t familiar with so I switched them out and then added an additional line of 50 Turkish get ups to make it equal 2000 reps, it was so close and 2000 sounds so impressive. Thanks to Captian Insano from Louisville for helping me figure out what this Board of Pain was and thanks to Cspan for the idea that Louisville grabbed from him and F3TheFort. Having new ideas flowing constantly is one of the things that really keeps F3 interesting and makes it different than other groups.

2 PAX for a 3.5ish mile pre run.

Conditions: Warm still humid but better than past days.

3 minute warning given

Brief disclaimer given about the nature of what we would do for today. I also mentioned that there would be zero running involved in this beat down and some believed this was a tactic to deceive the PAX, they were right.

I gave the PAX an option, grass or asphalt. The grass will be easy on the hands and knees but we will get wet and nasty, the asphalt will be hard on the knees and hands but we stay dry and clean. They went with the grass so off we went.

Board of PAIN
The board of pain is not possible to be completed inside of 45 minutes for 99.9% of PAX and some would say that it is pointless and shouldn’t be used as a Weinke because it can’t be completed but I disagree and here are the reasons. The first reason this board is valuable is it makes competitors compete. Those PAX who love to compete are going to want to finish that board, most don’t care if they finish it first or last but they want to finish it. This gets an extra push out of PAX because the Q is telling you up front that you can’t do it, the natural competitor then says “watch me” and goes to work faster, harder and stronger than in a normal beat down because he has been challenged. The second reason this board is so valuable is that it gives you a benchmark to judge yourself against for the future. So many of the exercises and beat downs we do can’t produce a quantifiable number for whether or not you are getting better and that’s good because you don’t want to test yourself every day. Most of the time we know if we are or are not getting better but you never know by how much so every now and then a little test is nice. There are a few of these “test” beat downs out there that are used as a fitness gauge such as Murph, Sharknado and Burpee Mile and each one is great to do and to track for your personal progress. The board of pain and these others mentioned are test but its important not judge yourself against other PAX and judge against yourself in the past or future. There is and will likely always be a PAX that can beat another PAX and that’s not what this is about, we arent trying to produce elite atheletes we are trying to mold HIM. This is about are you being the best version of you and have you improved in comparison to yourself not have you gotten faster and can you now keep up with the fastest or strongest PAX in the region. When you make it to 1650 reps on this board the first time during a 45 minute workout and then three month later the board appears again (hint hint) you will know if you have progressed or regressed. This gives you an idea on what you need to do in order to continue accelerating in the first F. With that being said here is the list of exercises we completed.

Board of PAIN
100 Burpees
150 Calf Raises
100 Ski Abs
100 Merkins
100 Deep Squats
200 LBCs
100 Carolina Dry Docks
100 American Hammers
100 Leg Raises (Don’t under estimate the suck of these)
100 Jump Squats
100 Mountain Climbers
100 Predator Squats
100 Plank Jacks
100 Hello Dolly’s
100 Wide Arm Merkins
100 Iron Mikes
100 Flutter Kicks
100 Body Builders (If you make it to this point, I’m Sorry!! These are horrible and drove one PAX to shed his shirt for the second time of the morning and mutter the phrase “I would rather do 100 burpees” which is a pahse that I have never before heard in an F3 workout.)
50 Alternating Turkish Get Ups

I think most of the PAX made it to somewhere in the range of the Mountain Climbers and Hello Dolly’s and we called it quits at exactly 6:00am. We circled up took some announcements and then a quick devotion and I prayed us out.

Announcements: New race in Conway on Sept. 22nd get out and support a local F3 guy and his event. Conway Saturday beat down Q sheet needs a few HIM to step up.

After the prayer a “competitor” put me on the spot and ask a fantastic question, “Do you want to stay and finish this, I don’t like to not finish things?” I didn’t want to and no one else did but seeing another PAX step up led to three PAX staying after the normal beatdown and doing more work on the board. I was reminded of that whole “if you cant do it, you cant Q it” phase so I guess I didn’t really have a choice in the matter. Several of the other PAX had commitments and couldn’t stay or they certainly would have been there. As time was close to 6:45am Peach had work obligations and had to cut it short. It ended up being two PAX trying to fight off the suck and finish, neither of which would have went the extra mile without the other but that is what makes F3 different. There will always be someone there to push you and there will also always be someone there to pick you up, sometimes it’s the same PAX sometimes its different but they are always there. Solid work by every single PAX at Riviera this morning, thanks for letting me Q.

Kotters for Big Love and Little Love!! Great work, not an easy one to return to.


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