If A Tree Falls in the Woods

If A Tree Falls in the Woods

Workout Date:





Hamburglar (QIC); Skid Kong; Poe; Quaker (YHC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania/Long Run Sundays

Conditions: 63 degrees, dawn

6:44 – One Minute Warning

Hamburglar has been itchin’ to do more trail running and heard from a reliable source that Handy runs 20+ miles on trails off of International Drive. Hamburglar was hooked and shot out a tweet on Saturday for interested PAX who wanted to run on Sunday.

Skid Kong HC’d as did YHC. Our only instructions were to meet Hamburglar somewhere off of International Drive heading towards Conway. Skid Kong joked that he would turn around if Hamburglar (visualize Jason Vorhees/ Friday the 13th in short shorts) brought an axe, however, Hamburglar pointed out that the axe was for protection purposes only. . . this calmed us a little bit.

Later Saturday afternoon Hamburglar narrowed down our rendezvous point by stating it is 4-5 miles past the Ocean Bay Elementary School on the right. OK, do we need to call in our Adventure Race Brothers for the coordinates or do we just wing it? In true maniness fashion, no one asked for further directions, we would all rely on pure instinct.

As YHC drove down International Drive I passed a huge black bear lumbering across the highway into the woods in which we would be running . . . was this a Sign?

I was first to arrive at the perceived meeting location and about 5 minutes later, Hamburglar arrived with a new utility rack on the Volvo but no axe. Was this a sign?

Then Skid Kong and Poe came pulling in shortly thereafter. 4 PAX too manly to ask for directions all found each other in the pre-dawn gloom!

As we did some light stretching and adjusted our fanny running packs a strange truck with a cap on the back (think “taking candy from a stranger in a van”) pulled slowly past us . . .Was this another Sign?

Should be nix this run and opt of a more urban location??

Like men immemorium, we ignored all the Signs, cranked up the tunes and headed off into the woods (10,000 acre sanctuary – the largest number of undisturbed Carolina Bays in one place in South Carolina). . . what could possibly go wrong??

We ran straight for a mile and at the intersection of another dirt/sand/gravel road turned right for another 3.5 mile stretch. Skid Kong and Poe paired up and talked about kids, youtube, and disciple; while Hamburglar and YHC paired up talking about the Grizzly King, Mike Tyson & owning tigers as household pets. Oddly enough the two conversations had similar themes and insights!

The next dirt road we encountered turned left but we did not venture down it for multiple reasons: (1) it was going deeper into the sanctuary , (2) we had no idea where or if it would lead us back to our starting point, (3) Some of the PAX needed to get back home. At this intersection we all turned around and headed back the way we came.

We finished up just after 8 am.

Time Called

Alternate Titles for BackBlast: “Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign”

The Number: 8.7 glorious miles, 8:40 pace; 1 hr 15 minutes

Thought for the Day: “If a Tree Falls in the Woods does it make a Sound?” . . . If a BeatDown occurs without a BackBlast did it Really Happen?”

5 minute cool down – Discuss Ultra-runs and Ironmans. Noting that we need the next challenge and begin training.

Announcements: PL Turkey Trot (11.26.2020); Mini Convergence prior to PL Turkey Trot (7am Plantation Lake Community Center 11.26.2020); Freed to Bleed (12.30.2020); Ugly Sweater Convergence (12.19.2020 – BombSquad); Do your BackBlasts its important!!






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