If you Q it, they will come

If you Q it, they will come

Workout Date:





Boxcar, High Interest, Sunshine, Humpback, Jingles (respect) Brown Bag (respect) Rubber, Beefsteak, El Red Cardo, Rousey, Skidmark, RedCoat, Texas Ranger, Skimmer (respect), Vitamin D, Crankbait, Hamburglar, Lil Hose, Nip/Tuck FNG

The Thang:

well, well, well.  going thru the Jan Q sheet over Xmas break I wanted to make a commitment to Q as much as I could.  So I plugged myself into Bombsquad for 1/7.  Saw Sunshine’s nice tweet about getting the gang back together, and planned my attack accordingly.  Boxcar texted me (during the Eagles game) about pre-rucking.  He and High Interest and Skidmark hit the streets at 0430.  3 miles # Resolutionruck

Back to the AO at 0420, a few cars in the lot, a few pulling in……0425, more cars….0428, more cars!  This was crazy, but then again, when one of the Legends comes out to Q, his people will show.  #bestinplantationlakes…….  I called for the 10 second warning, a few more moseyed over, and 20 was the final count.  With 1 FNG that Rubber EH’d.  Nice work Dude!

and here we go, another Q on the “fly”  Disclaimer (went thru this thoroughly as we had an FNG and our new Naantan was in attendance!) given- talked with FNG and had Rubber shadow.

22 Merkins IC #22kills

20 IW IC

20 SSH IC- Mosey around the corner and down the front of the church (this is when I remembered “Old Man Rousey” was with us- decided to stop a little early for him to catch up)

20 arm circles forward IC.  Hold arms out while 5 PAX yell out the 5 “musts” of F3.

20 overhead clap IC

20 arm circles backward IC- Vitamin D yells out the Montra of F3!  Mosey to the far corner of the parking lot, circle up again


50 LBC’s OYO- mosey to the student center building front- partner up with someone new.

partner 1- plank.

partner 2- go grab a block and bring back to partner 1.

partner 1- then take block to large parking lot while partner 2 planks.  Apparently, these simple instructions were too difficult for Sunshine!

We all meet in the large lot- partnered up and ready to roll for DORA

#1- mosey to end of lot- 5 merkins

#2 200 squats with block, 250 presses with block, 300 flutters holding block up.

when partners meet to exchange block, 5 team merkins together.  really solid work by all, with an estimate of 70-80 merkins per as long as this took!

partner 1 plank, partner 2 mosey block back to pile, meet at the driveway together.  Indian run with partner around the church to flag. TIME.

great work by all, nonstop push for 40 minutes!  (I took a few extra minutes to circle up with the FNG and 20 PAX!)

Namo-rama, FNG (Niptuck), announcements and prayers.



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