Ignore what’s in the truck! Do you hear the ALARM?

Ignore what’s in the truck! Do you hear the ALARM?

Workout Date:





Vit D, Beefsteak, ERC, Radar (DR from Lake Wylie), YHC

The Thang:

Conditions: Warm and Muggy.  YHC arrived at the AO and Beefsteak already had the gate open (amazing service).  Vitamin D arrived with me and we were followed quickly by Radar.  Intros were quickly made with Radar and ERC rolls in at 1 min warning.  As we all prepare for the beatdown awaiting ERC to join the COP, all the PAX spy objects (to remain unspoken) located in my truck bed and moans and groans commence. I quickly let them know that those are reserved for Warthog Q on Sat and a huge sigh of relief is felt across the group.

Disclamer: short and sweet as all PAX are vets.


Mountain climbers 20IC
IW 20 IC
Windmills 20 IC
22 Merkins

Burpee lot shuffle down the length of lot adjacent to absent shovel flag.

Mosey to b-ball court (sure wish we had a light here)

Alarm 1 (arm,leg,abs,”r” ex, “m” ex): 30 reps :Carolina dry docks, lunges (count each leg), LBC, Run (across soccer field to fence), Merkins

Mosey around Soccer fields back to court (instead of 10 count)

Alarm 2 : 20 reps; alt shoulder taps IC, jump squats, Peter Parkers, ranger merkins (Hands at ribs), Makhtar N’Diayes

Mosey around soccer fields and back to court (instead of 10 count)

Alarm 3: 10 reps; burpees, star jumps, mountain climbers, rockette hillbillies, monkey jumpers.

Mosey around soccer fields and lots to flag pole in front of CDM (daycare)

11s on the benches: Derkins/ step ups

Slow mosey back to shovel flag

Mary PAX choice:

Radar, Freddie Mercurys 15 IC; ERC, LBC 15 IC; Beefsteak, Toe touches (v-ups); Vit D, Supermans; YHC, plank until TIME.



Announcements: EH the Kotters and FNGs, 1/2 marathon training ongoing, Grow Ruck coming in NOV and Valvano on Q.

Prayers: to all the PAX with unspoken Prayers, YHCs MOM back in the hospital.

Honor to lead and always great meeting DR PAX.


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