In Memory of…

In Memory of…

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Peach, Barney, BigWheels, Straplock, SuperDave, PertPlus, General Tso, BigLove, QIC Goldberg

The Thang:

This will probably be a little different than a normal BackBlast, so here goes.

515AM… Welcome and Disclaimer given

QIC Explains that this workout would be completed in honor of my hero, Mr. Buster Shelley. I then showed the PAX a picture of Mr. Shelley, so that they could put a face with my story. I then spoke quickly about the man that I call my hero.

Buster Shelley enlisted in the US Army in 1955 and served in Berlin, Germany, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Panama. During his service to our country he recieved such medals and honors as…

The Combat Infantry Badge, The Army Commendation Badge, and The Purple Heart after being shot in Vietnam on June 3rd 1969.

He retired after 22 years of service to his Country in 1977 as Sergeant 1st Class Mr. Buster Shelley. He told me many times of how proud he was to be an American, and how proud he was to have served his country.

On January 21st 2018 at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center, Heaven gained a TRUE AMERICAN WARRIOR and my Hero, Buster Shelley… or as I called him, Granddaddy.

We then faced the flag and said the Pledge of Allegiance while Billy Ray Cyrus’s. .. Some Gave All played in the background.

I then called upon Barney to call out 22 Merkins in cadence for the #22Kills.

Next, I explained to the PAX that we would be running 2.2 miles and doing multiple exercises along the way. All exercises would be completed in cadence and in sets of 22.

We took off.

First exercise stop was 22 BBS with Lee Greenwood, God Bless the USA playing in the background.

We took off.

2nd Exercise stop was 22 SSH while Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USA played in the background.

We took off.

3rd Exercise stop was 22 American Hammers, while John Cougars, Little Pink Houses played in the background.

We took off.

4th exercise stop was 22 hand release Merkins, while Neil Diamonds, America played in the background.

We took off.

5th exercise stop was 22 Turkish Gettups, while Daryl Worlys, Have you Forgotten played in the background.

We took off one last time and headed back toward the watertower. Once me arrived we completed our 2.2 miles and embarked on our final exercise which was 22 Burpees in cadence, while Creedence Clearwater Revivals, Fortunate Son played in the background.

Time was then called and everyone seemed gassed included myself. As I could feel the vomit wanting to come up. But I refused. I thanked all the PAX for honoring not only my Grandaddy, but all of our Veterans.

Announcements were made.

Prayer requests were made.

QIC requested Peach pray us out.

This was a very special day for me, and definitely a Q I’ll never forget. Thank you all for coming out and putting in this work with me this morning. As I know my Granddad would have been proud.


SYITG! #TheRepublic

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