In Search of the Elusive Runner’s High

In Search of the Elusive Runner’s High

Workout Date:



Hottub, Kitten, Tanlines, Quaker


Hottub, Kitten, Tanlines, Quaker

The Thang:


AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 61 degrees, a bit breezy, 25% chance of rain

5:14 – Official 1 Minute Warning

Hottub (AOQ)  and Twitterless Kitten were first to arrive at the Hulk, then Quaker & Tanlines rolled up with plenty of time for some stretches and mumblechatter. This was the first official day of P200 training. Hottub got a soft commit (maybe?) from Kitten. Sunshine absent due to a sick 2.0 and One Call (HC for P200) was slinging the weghts at Warthog, no doubt! Handy Mandy was  DR in the Great White North, running solo and preparing a Guest Q beatdown.  Currently we have 6-8 HC for the P200 but need a 12-14 definites before our official sign-up. We also spoke of supporting a local charity (great idea and all suggestions are welcomed). Also as the HC come in for the P200, we will have a breakfast sometime in January to discuss the particulars (Vehicle, driver, hotel, charity, etc.)

Everyone seemed to linger just a bit as the clock chimed 5:15. . . maybe the rain would hold off, however, no sooner did we start running when the first large raindrops were felt hitting our faces. Under the International Drive Overpass and a hard left up to the bridge as the rain became more steady.  All PAX had a fellowship pace this a.m. and figured this would be a wet one.  As Kitten lead us up and over the bridge, however, the rain stopped and we enjoyed the spring-like temperature for the rest of the run.

Down the other side of the bridge and a hard left past the the Barc Park & the YMCA, then we bared to the right on to Claire Chapin Epps Drive heading toward 62nd avenue & Bypass 17. Traffic was light this morning as we waited for an opening to cross (#nofrogger. . .#safetyfirst). Across the highway and onto Frontage Road, we paralleled the highway. At 65th Avenue we turned right towards The Village.  Entering the gate, the Village COP ended and the PAX mosey’d to the coupon pile. Kitten also lead us to the coupon pile; “Hey guys I have an idea!”  His idea . . . grab a brick in each hand for our run to and from the beach! To paraphrase Valvano’s hat from yesterday’s Ruck 101, “That’s a bad idea . . .lets do it” (I said paraphrase!).  Kitten & Quaker partook of the coupons . . . Hottub & Tanlines refrained. Hottub was impressed by Tanlines’ commonsense!

We said our brief ‘Hellos’ to the Village PAX (except Boxcar because he forgot to post yesterday for Ruck 101 even though he had suggested it to One Call), then headed out the gate on our way to the beach!! The bricks were tough then anticipated . . . Kitten had to hand off his keys to Hottub to focus all his strength on the bricks! At no time did Hottub or Tanlines volunteer to help a brother out and carry the coupons! No worries, Kitten & Quaker had each other to share the misery.

When we arrive at the beach we paused briefly to enjoy God’s Creation then turned and headed back the way we came. Half way back from the beach Hottub discussed the fact that although he’s been running for years, he has yet to experience the “Runner’s High”. The rest of the PAX confirmed that none of us have experienced such a thing and we firmly believe the “Runner’s High” is a myth much like Bigfoot. However, we’re all committed to keep on searching for it just the same!

West on 65th Avenue we once again arrived at The Village. Kitten & Quaker happily returned our coupons. (Kitten wanted to keep on running with the bricks back to the Hulk and use them for every run, however, cooler minds prevailed.) (Note: running with bricks takes your mind off off your aching legs, however, after you put the bricks down you realize you now have aching arms and legs!!)

Back to 17   we waited at the crosswalk  for the light(#safety1st), then headed towards the Y. At this point Tanlines with his 18 year old legs opened up his stride and pace and disappeared into the Gloom . . .the 3 older PAX stayed together in anticipation of our traditional sprint up and over the bridge. Quaker was first to lead the charge but was quickly surpassed by Kitten who kicked it up an notch and tried to catch Tanlines. Hottub picked up the Six and pushed Quaker all the way  to the finish.

By the Numbers: . . .5.5 Miles . . . 56.6 Minutes . . . 78 ft Elevation Gained . . . 9,446 Steps

Kitten prayed us out!!



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