Inauguration Day Work Out!!

Inauguration Day Work Out!!

Workout Date:





Beefsteak, Tiny Dancer, Rubber, Spork, BrownBag(Respect), Single Barrel

The Thang:

Why was it that everyone seemed excited that it was apparently 50 degrees out but we all agreed that it felt like 30?  All PAX showed up ready for a beatdown and I did my best to deliver.  Started with a good stretch and then over to the block pile.  Grab a block and run over to the big parking lot.    I did not have bases for my 7 of Diamonds workout so I got there ahead of time to place the open house signs in place:).  Workout was 7 Burpees at each base and running to each base, Then round 2 was 14 flutter kicks at each base, then 21 Merkins at each base, Round 4 was 28 squats at each base.  Round 5 was 21 curls at each base!!! This is where Tiny Dancer felt froggy about the single count so Sade’ had to oblige and offer counts in cadence for PAX for next 3 bases.  I still cant move my arms.  Round 6 was 14 Big Boy Sit ups and Round 7 was 7 Overhead Press at each base.  Afterwards we ran blocks back just in time for 7 minutes of Mary. Went around through everyone and did not quite make it to Tiny Dancer!!! Haha.  Announcements. Prayer Requests.  Sade’ prayed us out.  All got better and I thank all the men for the push!!

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