Indian Bear Crawl to Australia

Indian Bear Crawl to Australia

Workout Date:





One-Call, High Interest, Quaker, Penelope, Buffet, Vitamin D, Humpback, Hamburglar, Texas Ranger, O’Douls, Flop, Rousey, Pikachu

The Thang:

The Thang:

Conditions: 64 degrees, Calm and ripe for a VQ

This is my first VQ ever in Catapult. Actually my first VQ ever in at any F3 AO. This is also my first post through this weird process that I’m still trying to get my head around, COP what?. I felt for my first VQ I needed to add a little flavor and step out of my lane for the good of all men who showed support. I didn’t want to disappoint. I was super pumped by all the men who showed up! I had to adjust the plan on the fly because of course the best laid plans on paper always look better on paper. Thank Goodness this was my first Q. This fine Tuesday morning, we even got Flop to join a Tuesday work out. That’s a rarity! When I arrived of course Rousey was waiting on me and looking at his watch wondering where I’ve been and One-Call was what appeared to be dumpster diving. I don’t judge, just saying. I was 15 minutes early but still late. Even though I was like the fourth one to show up, but not last one AFTER the workout had started. And I started One minute late, One-Call was happy to point that out to the group. Thanks Buddy! Pax are here ( oh wait here comes Bling on two wheels, special delivery for Pikachu, sweet love gifts), time to step up and get this party started. Thanks to all who came out to show support for my VQ. Oh and Catapult now has a glorious new flag. Thanks gents for making this happen. One major shout out to Rousey, thanks for pushing me to step up and be a leader in F3. More to come!

5:29 – One Minute Warning

5:31 Proper Disclamer (No Peanut Gallery, All Good beside one-call)


15 LBAC; 15LBAC Reverse, 15 Overhead Press,  15 Through the Tunnel, , 15 Imperial Walkers, 22 Wave of Merkins

The Thang:

Mosey to the Coupon pile, grab a paver and off to the main parking lot for a beat down.

Everyone line up and count off one’s or two’s and separate into two groups.

Two groups line up on each side of the parking isle, and begin workout. Maybe this was a little ambitious. Guys already look confused. Oh well, time to drive on.

1) Indian Bear Crawl followed by 20 LBC and 20 Flutter Kick

2) Indian Bear Crawl  back to starting position followed by 20 Were Not Worthy Praises and 20 Toy Soldiers in place.

3) Indian Bear Crawl, walk back to coupons followed by 20 Curls and 20 Overhead Press

4) Indian Bear Crawl followed by 20 (four count Mountain Climbers) and 20 Side Straddle Hop.

At this point time to change the plan of action and save new workouts for next Q.  Intent was for this to be a relay but was still a good workout. Sometimes it’s kinda hard to teach old dogs new tricks and it’s my first Q ever so that’s the real issue.. This one’s gonna bring me the pain. I’m sure of it.

New Plan: Its now 5:50 and time for 21’s Utilizing the Australian Snow Angel and Single Shoulder Taps. Some mumble chatter about this being a closing workout. Hmmm

Combine the ones and twos in one line, Demonstration of Australian Snow Angel and Single Shoulder taps to speed up workout. PAX did a great job and feel like we kick some butt today

Called out last set. Appears most men were either glaring at me for my lack of experience or their love/hate for the ASA. Not sure. But I’ll go with love/hate of the ASA.

Return of Coupons to the pile and circle up at the Flag.

light stretching to finish up the workout!

Time Called!


Count them off Starting with the 1st Q.

Announcements: Heck I can’t remember them all. Major note is VQ Alert: O’Douls will have his first VQ next Tuesday May 14th! Let’s Come out and Show support. I know I can’t  wait. We’ve been partners in crime since this thing started. He’s gonna do great and excited for him and be there to support him.

Prayers; Unspoken for all. Greatest moment of prayer I’ve ever been part of. Thanks all for being supportive and helping me to be successful.






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